Naruto Generations Final Character Roster Revealed

All 87 characters have been revealed.

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Snookies122525d ago

I do hope Younger Tobi comes with an unlockable Rinnegan costume. Man, that would be so awesome... Looks like there could be three DLC slots, but those are down in the support group, so probably no playables unfortunately. There goes my hopes of having Madara, but it looks like they got most everyone else. XD

Yi-Long2525d ago

... so many great games are being ruined by the DLC-milking.

I just want to buy a game and just have the complete experience. Very simple.

FinaLXiii2524d ago

im sorry how DLC affects this game? i dont see lack of content

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2525d ago

How do they have Darui and not Omoi?

Yi-Long2525d ago

... Omoi looks like a cool character. Love his design.

Skateboard2525d ago

I wish Capcom can make a fighting game with that many characters, never going to happen.

Hufandpuf2525d ago

nope because with so many characters, there will be some that get limited to no usage whatsoever. Which would be a waste of development time.

Yi-Long2525d ago

... they're past glory.

Nowadays if they'd attempt a game like this, with so many characters, it would be 75% DLC-milking.

I really wish they'd come up with a new next-gen Power Stone game with a huge roster like this though, but TBH, I've pretty much given up on Capcom.

admiralvic2525d ago

I can't speak for ALL games like this... but after a certain point you get a blur of similar characters. I played Bleach Heat the soul for a while and MOST characters are cookie cutter with different looks and specials. The reason games like Blazblue and Guilty Gear (Arc) do so well because they have highly diverse characters. Blaz has sub 20 and SSFIV has 39, though many many many many many many many gamers see people like Ken, Ryu, Akuma, Dan (slightly) and such as the same basic character.

Anyways long story short... the more characters you have, the less diverse the cast becomes.

Moerdigan2525d ago

where's the guy with the gas mask? I kinda liked him. and the leader of the samurai nation (sorry. don't remember the names)

DEATHxTHExKIDx2525d ago

the gas mask im gonna say u mean Hanzo and he was revived during the Great ninja war so he's not in generations. Storm 3 will problly have the charecters from the war insted of the past generation charecters and go to the end of the series.

Almir9082525d ago

So are they going to have EMS Sasuke? Or just MS sasuke?