Epic's Mark Rein on PS3 UT3 Mods & Issues, Fixes Penny Arcade's Wagon

"The PS3 version didn't actually support mods at launch, and even now that they are patching in their campaign promises"

Rain: That is incorrect. The PS3 version of UT3 supports mods right out of the box. The Unreal Editor that ships with the PC version requires an update (which is hopefully coming very soon) to allow end-users be able to "cook" mods into the proper format required for the PS3. This functionality requires us to release some code provided by Sony and we're working through the licensing paperwork with them now. In the mean time we've picked a few cool UT3 mods off the internet, cooked them ourselves (with the same tools we expect to release to end-users shortly) and released them back to the internet in the proper format. We started with a single map but we're going to release a few more maps, a mutator and a new gametype later today. These are all user-created mods - all we're doing is converting them into the PS3 format. We're working on some cool stuff of our own to release down the road as well.

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stennexxx4730d ago

Cannot wait to make my own mods.

Arkham4730d ago

Someone on GAF asked a good question: Can the mods be burned to CD and then copied over to the HD?

I admit I've never tried to transfer files via CD, as I have an 8GB flash drive, but now I'll have to give it a shot...

The question I have though is to where exactly do you copy the file(s)? My understanding is that UT3 scans the memory card or flash drive, not a directory on the HD.

Kratos_Kart20074730d ago

They way I go tthe shrine mod to work was I downloaded it onto a flash drive and when you play UT3, go on the community tab, then hit content, then download will install it right off of your thumbdrive.....The Shrine map is small its about 2-6 players deathmatch.....

Arkham4730d ago

Yeah, I know how it's done currently via flash/card, but I wonder if it's possible via files residing on the HD. If there's a specific directory in which you could place the file, I wonder if UT3 would automatically recognize it.

Or, when you're in UT3 is there a way you can direct it to the HD to find the files elsewhere.

Darkiewonder4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

on to that UT3 file. which isn't a way to do that ;o

and the ps3 will pop up with removable media drives only. they can't read from HDD ;3

macalatus4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago ) mod? ;-)


LOL!! I was thinking about that, but couldn't materialize those ideas in a couple of sentences like you did! Bubble for you!!

Polluted4730d ago

Fanboy wars?

We could run around launching Blu-Ray and HD-DVD discs at one another. There would be character skins for Marcus Fenix, Nathan Drake, Master Chief and Sgt. Hale. You win by capturing the other teams bubbles. Sounds pretty awesome.

WilliamRLBaker4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

Ps3 mod support was shipped in game out of box...but to actaully make the mods and then convert them *why would one have to convert them I thought this was like supposed to be super duper easy to do i mean make mods then put them on ps3* an update is needed for the PC unreal editor.........yeah that means the game doesn't support Mods at launch you have to update stuff to get them to work and the update still hasn't been released....
Mark rein pretty much contradicted himself bigtime, The game doesn't support mods as of yet because of the unreal editor end, It doesn't matter what the source is it matters that mods aren't supported and aren't being released except by 1 guy whom got access to beta unreal editor.

And I find it funny that the exact reason epic says ps3 got the game first *mods* and the 360 did not is because of license/legal issues on the 360, and the content certification process....and whats keeping the unreal update from coming is.....Sony licnesing

Polluted4730d ago

The PS3 version does support mods. There is one out already and 4 more coming later today...for free. The problem is that the PC version doesn't support creating PS3 mods yet. So technically it's the PC version that will be getting an update. And when the update comes out it's just a question of creating your mod like you would have for the PC and pressing a button to export it in a format the PS3 will recognize. So it is as simple as they say. The game has been out for around a week now and we already have an extra map with more on the way. When they update the PC editor in a week or so we'll be getting more and more everyday for free. More than most people wil even be able to keep up with. Enjoy paying for your Gears maps.

wageslave4704d ago

"The PS3 version does support mods"

Nice Sony Marketing-flack spin.

When the game shipped, could you use mods? Yes, or No?

The answer is *NO*. Why?

Well, because the whole package necessary to do so is still not available.

Full Stop.

Why ON EARTH would anyone buy this PR-droid's spin?

Here's an analogy: Does the PS3 have Rumble? I say no. This PR flak says: "yes, but the Rumble-controller isnt just released yet".

Get it? It is or *IS NOT* -- the reason *WHY* doenst CHANGE the fact that you CANNOT PLAY MODS ON UT3 AS PROMISED.

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