5 Reasons Why A Doctor Who Game Can’t Work

What with the long break in the scheduling for the new season of Doctor Who (due to return to our screens this Autumn after a year-long hiatus), BBC Worldwide appear to be trying to find any way possible to keep their marketing campaign going until the show’s return. As such, they’ve announced a trilogy of video games based within the world of the sci-fi to release on the PlayStation Network and PCs this Spring, starting with The Eternity Clock next month.

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LightofDarkness3370d ago

Mostly because Doctor Who is extra-stupid-lame.

BlackTar1873370d ago

the new who is lame the old ones not so much. Why are you here i'll never understand human urges go and comment or make it a point to comment on something they don't care about.

LightofDarkness3370d ago

Because I wanted to? Plus "i'll never understand human urges..."? Are you not human? I suppose if you were you'd understand.

BlackTar1873370d ago

was that really your response? You know being human doesn't mean you understand the urges that they get. Your comment was asinine. Please move along.

LightofDarkness3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

Wow, that one just flew right over your head, didn't it? I imagine most things do. Sounds like someone's mad.

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thetrugamer3370d ago

It has the potential to work but you need a good developer on the job.

FlashXIII3370d ago

Can't stand this doctor.. bring back David Tennant!

BlackTar1873370d ago

100% agree this doctor is dumb and weird and just not the doctor i like to watch

Redempteur3370d ago

All the doctors are fine because they play by their own strenghts ..

Anyway a good doctor who game must have a crazy over the top scenario ( already done before ) BUT also the right gameplay along it ( never happenned ) ..
And most of them were kinda ugly on effect and details..
The new one seems to correct the graphic problem at least ..