Heads-Up’ PlayStation Store Update 22nd February 2012

Hello again gamers! As I’m sure some of you will be busy with your new PlayStation Vitas, you may have forgotten about the usual update. No matter, I hope this serves as a good reminder to you,The Starhawk Beta, previously a PS Plus member’s exclusive, is now available for all to take part in. Word of warning the beta is only up until March 7th so be sure to at least give it a try before you regret it, because we’ve all fallen into that “I’ll check it later” scenario.

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LiamIRL823362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution- the greatest fighter ever made. Love this game.

Sizzon3362d ago

Sonic Heroes, Virtua Fighter 4 and NFS: Most Wanted, nice PS2 classics :)

But the rest from Midas, no thx.