Guild Wars 2 Surprise Tommorow; a possible announcement of GW2's upcoming beta event?

DSOGaming writes: "Guild Wars 2 will finally hit PCs in 2012 and the press had the chance to test the game during the beta weekend. But what about all those die-hard fans of it? Well, good news everyone as NCSoft and ArenaNET have a nice surprise for you that will be unveiled tomorrow. Although the companies did not reveal any hints about this upcoming surprise, we can safely assume that it will be the announcement of an upcoming beta event. How we concluded to something like that? Keep reading to find out."

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ATi_Elite3364d ago

We are on the verge of greatness!

Guild Wars 2 is gonna change gaming.......and cause millions of PC gamers to just vanish off the face of teh Earth.

Baka-akaB3363d ago

This is the game that made me brush aside every mmo of existence released since WoW and GW's few addons (they all sucked anyway after wow)

D3vilzRightHand3363d ago

Yea same here man.

I have brushed away every other mmo right now until guild wars 2 comes out.

Didnt even care about starwars new mmo, and
AION free to play mode - what?... naww i dont care.

What i spend my time with is.

TRIBES or Warfare European escalation.
That is: UNTIL Guild wars 2 comes.

Then i will play that until my computer dies from awesomness : )

john23363d ago

Same here. Guild Wars 2 looks mind-blowing

Neo Nugget3363d ago

By the way, tomorrow would actually be today since this was announced yesterday ^_^