Best Shooter Game of 2007: Bioshock beats Call of Duty 4

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"Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?" Maybe, maybe not, but Bioshock is certainly entitled to the Best Shooter of 2007 award. Nothing topped this unique shooter-RPG hybrid for atmosphere, compelling storyline and creativity. Who could forget that riveting first battle with a Big Daddy? Or the drawn-out encounter with mad artist Sander Cohen? Or that first glimpse of a passing whale?

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MK_Red4730d ago

BioShock rules. It's as simple as that. Easily one of top 10 best games of all time.

HarryEtTubMan4730d ago

Being someone who has played and beaten both... I have to say easily COD4 >>>>Bioshock. Bioshock is cool and new.. but I knew who the bad guy was the first time I played it... it also was just corny. I liked it but also realize after beating it ONE time I had absolutely noe desire to play it again. I traded it in at Gamestop.

i Shank u4730d ago

I love bioshock too, no game has had atmosphere, story, sound and art all come together to suck the player into a world like bioshock did. but shooter of the year? the shooting sucks!

DiLeCtioN4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

but just looking at it tells me how intense the game must be :)

EDIT: madden you have a point man. i was watching T.V last night and a commercial came up for uncharted, omg it was so beautiful, graphics top stuff man. i will choose cod4 but if i had bioshock i might have a different choice

Maddens Raiders4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

MK you say Bisohock rules, "it's as simple as that, Easily one of top 10 best games of all time." But guess what? I can (((easily))) say the same things about COD4, WarHawk, Uncharted, or Heavenly Sword. I'm sure some others would agree. Am I wrong? Have you played all of these other games?

Well it's yahoo's opinion, so.......

MK_Red4730d ago

I try to play as many games as possible but so far, no other game has been as truly next-gen as BioShock IMO.
It has a really deep and thought provoking story with incredible art and level design, insanely smart AI, superb audio and rather innovative FPS gameplay. In the end, it's my opinion. As a shooter, COD4 comes after BioShock and then, Orange Box. As a whole, after BioShock, the best games of 2007 are Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed IMHO. Still, outside the opinions, I can't honestly understand see why any aspect of BioShock couldn't be considered perfect. And lack of multiplayer is not a weakness. Many classic games from Zelda: Ocarina of Time to God of War to RE4 lacked MP and are still among the best games of all time and so is BioShock.

TheIneffableBob4730d ago

"really deep and thought provoking story" - No, not really.
"with incredible art" - Yes.
"level design" - Somewhat.
"insanely smart AI" - No, not at all.
"superb audio" - Yes.
"and rather innovative FPS gameplay" - Somewhat, although the shooter elements really fall flat near the end in that they just get downright repetitive and monotonous.

My game of the years would be:
1) Orange Box
2) The Witcher
3) Crysis

Maddens Raiders4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

I don't doubt for a second that Bioshock is a good game with a great FPS architecture at it's core. I've never said on this site (and any other) that a game should be knocked from contention because it includes or lacks SP/MP.

Going from what you state, I conversely state that WarHawk is the best MP game I've played from the total immersion aspect, teamwork, coordinated flight bombing runs, tank battalion formations, turrets and AA missles outposts and great CQC battles.

COD4 is simply breathtaking in its attention to detail with real world weapons and the true-to-form formations and squad based tactics of a small recon detachment dropped into the middle of Hell to complete the impossible make it irresistable to own.

Heavenly Sword blew me away with the OUTSTANDING character animations, connection to the actors in the game that make you feel sorry for them and the way this was manifested on screen without a hitch with a wonderful artistic style that made the end boss battle simply Epic.

Uncharted, with it's superb character acting and all of the little nuances and quirks that Drake and Sculy have. The colours of Uncharted are Incredible! And the story, although not totally fresh was complemeted with over the top graphics, silky smooth controls, and a musical ambiance that is truly refreshing.

I haven't picked up AC yet and can't play ME until I get a 360, so I can't speak to those games, but I just don't see how these great games (aforementioned) can be totally disregarded and in effect. totally dicounted from the discussion. For me, it's different, and I know that not al of these games are FPS's, but how on God's earth does Bioshock beat COD4? SP?MP or no SP/MP? I don't understand. :-/ Take care.

MK_Red4730d ago

Well, in the end I'm a singleplayer gamer and never really liked multiplayer unless it's offline (Fighting, arcade games and such) so while I do believe that Warhawk and COD4's multiplayer are excellent, the thing is that COD4's SP is too short and WH doesn't have any SP. I do believe that HS and UDK are really great though. Didn't play UDK much but it was fun. As for HS, it was really incredible and I really love the genre but it was really short.

We can all agree to disagree, right? :)
Take care my friend.

TheIneffableBob, BioShock's story is based on a unique phylosophy and is the first game to really use symbolism. It's more of an art house movie story unlike most of games which are blockbuster types. Again, we can all agree to disagree :)

SabreMan4730d ago

I totally agree but Cod4 is head and shoulders above anything else in the shooter genre of games especially multiplayer it's simply unrivaled on home consoles.
Unchartered is certainly in or very close to my top ten games of all time, i completed it yesterday for the first time and enjoyed every second of it especially the last hour (wow what a climactic ending)
Other games in my top ten would be Secret of Mana (snes) Legasy of Kain Defiance (xbox) Cod2 (pc multiplayer) Manic Miner (spectrum) Monkey Island 1&2 (pc) Zelda Link to the Past (snes) Shadowrun (Snes)

i can only use games i have played, altho i have played Bioshock on my pc it didn't grab me in the way the ones listed above did

Maddens Raiders4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

alright guys, well then I guess we'll have to respectfully agree to disagree. 8D

One thing is for sure - people on both systems have some great games to play during the downtime it seems. Merry Christmas all!

@ below - who's fifteen? One of these comments doesn't

mesh14730d ago

ur a 15 year old i can tell BIOSHOCK is the best game i,ve played in 8years the GAME IS AMAZING how they handled the UE3 is amazing the 1st encounter with the mask mob in the green house lvl was simply breathe taking ,the sander Cohen encounter was jaw dropping from start to end the game is put together like something i,ve never seen in a game the a.i unmatched ,the voice acting immersiveness outstanding ,the storyline +how its told spectacular bioshock is a game i will put on my all time best games ever created not to forget the amazing graphics this game shows any thing is possible on the all mighty 360.

mesh14730d ago

comparing a great shooter COD4 to A amsterpeice BIOSHOCK is gonna make ps3 fans cry bioshock is justa better game than cod4 end off i dont even class bioshock as a shooter its something never so well done that i call it rpshooter, bioshock excells at all lvls like a grapics novel with intense gameplay

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Fresh4730d ago


Bioshock is a great game but it lacks multiplayer and replay value,COD4 is the better game overall,great single player(short but sweet),and superb multiplayer!

DarkSniper4730d ago

Call of Duty 4 provided gamers with an online portal to share the immersive experience Infinity Ward has provided for PLAYSTATION 3® owners. Bioshock is nothing more than another run of the mill shooter that will soon see a multiplatform release on PS3.

Dark Sniper deems this article non-factual and not relevant to the true shooters that shall get their recognition such as Uncharted:Drake's Fortune and Unreal Tournament III. Only on the PLAYSTATION 3®.


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