GamesAreFun reviews Uncharted - 9/10 .

This is what the reviewer had to say :-

"The PlayStation 3 has really come into its own. Unlike last year where you had almost no choices for quality games, you now have several. Uncharted is the best exclusive PS3 game out there right now and it certainly holds its own against the multiplatform AAA titles as well. The story, characters, music, and setting make Uncharted a surefire cinematic hit. The combat and a rewards system based on the way you play and the treasures you find make me want to come back for more. Uncharted is one of the best experiences to be had on the PS3 to date. "

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calidredz5403d ago

Ok uncharted is fun the PS3 has got another solid game added to its library, but come on everyday we see these. How old is this game, please let it rest, and games are fun? You guys have been posting some really off brand sites for this game. I am getting mine for Xmas that will make 4 PS3 games and 0 Blu Ray's come on Sony push out a few more my 360 needs a rest.

TANOD5403d ago

then whats the problem of posting a review on a game THAT IS TOUTED TO HAVE THE BEST GRAPHICS ON ANY CONSOLE.

There are just too many games on ps3 that can give other console a rest

HS,RATCHET,UNCHARTED ,RESISTANCE, MOTORSTORM,NGS,UT3 are better than any lineup of any console

HS and UNCHARTED are true NEXT GEN games--one featuring 1000 enemies per screen/the other having TRUE NEXT GEN GRAPHICS/ENEMY AI and GAMEPLAY