EA Start Mass Effect Related Official UK Petition To Disclose All Known Alien Information

DJP: "No, really. EA have actually started a petition on the web page to pressure the government into keeping a closer eye on extra-terrestrial activity."

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Yi-Long2845d ago

... you can download my signature for 3 euro, or 320MSP!

SilentNegotiator2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

And they'll need a pass for my middle name, and my last releases in a few weeks at 500MSP.

Ohhhh, bad news. My signature has been delayed!

And the version in black ink is only available in the Xnited States of Amersixty's petition. Sorry. They have a magical pen with a peripheral that allows a single extra drop of ink....something similar pens could never hope to achieve, as the White Micro-House has asked us to claim. We've also been told that, despite being backed by a massive corporation that allowed us to delay our signatures by many months, we "don't have the resources" to allow super-powered Personal atomic pen Computers to have black ink.

Roper3162844d ago

all of this DLC BS accomplished 1 thing for me. It has stopped me from preordering games, waiting till they hit the $20.00 price range and then use the other 40 I would have spent preordering to buy the DLC that the jerks lock on the disc.

It has also made me stop buying games from certain companies like Capcom to name one.

krazykombatant2844d ago

Thing is the people such as myself love the game too damn much, and waiting for a "goty/ultimate" edition would be too damn hard. I almost never pre-order, and I'm thankful that I haven't here either. This is total b.s from BioWare. I can only imagine the forums with people flipping their shit. Won't be long till someone gets their individual copy locked by EA.

BraveToaster2844d ago

Using a government website to advertise video games? That's pretty awesome. Not scummy at all

BattleTorn2844d ago

You think if we get enough signatures on a petition, that the gov't (UK or US) would actually disclose all information of known aliens.

Not a chance.

Canary2843d ago

Of course it would work!

It's very easy to disclose all known information on a subject when said subject is fiction.

BattleTorn2843d ago

Gov't Official "*clears throad* Ladies and gentlemen I am here to present to you all known information that we have on extra-terrestrial life. We can affirmatively inform you that Darth Vader was, in fact, Luke's father."

gypsygib2844d ago

Somewhere a marketer is patting him/herself on the back for creativity.

unknownhero11232844d ago

and somewhere, a person is faceplaming with both hands. thus is the circle of life!

Karlnag32843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Hey, I'm that person! What I win?