Mass Effect 3 Event Sydney Australia

Console Domination writes: Thanks to the good people at EA, Mark Ankucic (a.k.a. The Viking Gamer) and I (a.k.a. Me) were granted an opportunity to go hands on with the first hour or so of the story mode for Mass Effect 3.

The event was held at SOHO at Pott's Point. For those who have been there you'll know that Pott's Point is essentially King's Cross and therefore filled with all sorts of... "Colourful" characters wondering the streets and holding interesting rambling conversations. Mostly with themselves

But I digress. This was a closed event for Press members and whilst my peers were no less colourful in their own way, they certainly were more mentally stable. (Although I occasionally wonder about Mark and his Viking alter ego)

After drinks, a version of the Mass Effect theme by a band, a presentation by one of the esteemed members of Bioware and a screening of the two most recent trailers ("Reinstated" and "Take Back Earth") we got down to business

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