OMFG News of the Year 2007: Grand Theft Auto IV delay and More

Gamesradar writes:

If, like us, you've found the past 12 months have streaked by like a greased missile, leaving you not a quiet moment to take stock of what's actually happened, then we have the answer. Or at least, we have the answer for you if the question on your lips was "what were the biggest OhMyGod news stories of 2007?".

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DiLeCtioN4730d ago

i think was the worse man, talk about a definite release..lied to us lol

Jinxstar4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

Hmmm... I think the good news out weighs the bad. I may be a minority but I believe delays are a good thing. Only means gamers will get a better product in the end. Even though I want to play it now I got enough to play on my plate =P

Only real bad news is politics in gaming and such. People getting fired for reviews and companies buying reviewers... That is just bad for the industry and a lot of that became exposed this year. I guess there is corruption everywhere there. For an industry that is as hit or miss as gaming I guess it can't be helped though...

However so many upcoming cool titles I can't even remember half of them. Ambitious games like Borderlands and Prototype... Just awesome. announcements like Bionic Commando and SF4... I am having nostalgia and drooling thinking about them all. All of these cool announcements and great releases made for a very good year.

Concentrate on the good and you'll see how great it is. If only someone would off Jack now =P We'd all be happier.

Noodlecup4730d ago

Delays aren't good, but getting all stressed out over GTA being delayed means you're either not old enough to be playing the game anyway/your life needs filling in.

DarkSniper4730d ago

Unfortunately, due to lack of hard drives in several XBOX 360 consoles, a great title such as GTA IV was delayed. Include the difficulty of compressing this game to 9 gigabytes of storage and even the blindest consumer can see that Rockstar made a grave mistake in including GTA IV as a simultaneous multiplatform release.


InMyOpinion4730d ago

PS3 titles have a history of being released on time, right? You're a complete idiot.

DarkSniper4730d ago

Dark Sniper has reported your comments as offensive. He will not tolerate his character being deformed.


pdskep4730d ago

"Rockstar made a grave mistake in including GTA IV as a simultaneous multiplatform release."

Not if they want to sell more than 100,000 copies the first month.

Noodlecup4730d ago

You're an idiot if you think uncharted has the same mass appeal as GTA.

pdskep4730d ago

Lighten up dude, it was a joke. PS3 attach rates being sucky and all.

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