Local GAME store doesn’t have any 3G models of the PS Vita

"It seems GAME are still struggling, or are they? Today is the release of the PS Vita & I went along with my brother, so he can get his Vita. Waiting in the 50+ strong line to get the PS Vita. I overheard the conversation at the till, that there is no 3G Models of the PS Vita…"

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lugia 40003364d ago

GAME has no games, and no hardware.

SilentNegotiator3363d ago

I guess they don't like money very much. Otherwise, they might make better decisions on how much they stock, and what.

resistance1003364d ago

GAME struggling is a shame for the retail side of things.

Wido3364d ago

It'll be interesting if other GAME stores have the same problem.

sprinterboy3363d ago

Coventry GAME was the same, I was first in cue though

Kurisu3363d ago

I bought my Wi-Fi Vita from GAME (Plymouth) this morning. They said that the wi-Fi stock came in last night (well, the night before last now) but the 3G shipment only made it in in the morning of the launch. I guess different GAME's have different circumstances, depending on the number of pre-orders.

urwifeminder3363d ago

Just went bankrupt in australia .

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