Sony explains software prices, 3rd party digital games and reveal larger memory cards

UK MD Fergal Gara talks to Eurogamer at launch.

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Adolph Fitler3372d ago

They desperately need to include a 16gig memory card with the machine, or even 32gig.
Europe & Australia gobble up PS products, yet Sony constantly spit in our faces with high ass, non-sensical prices (like here is Australia Vita sells for $299 & 3G model $349, which both prices are around $100au more, when the Aussie dollar is $1.06 to $1.00us).

Doesn't make sense to think consumers will pay these high ass prices for a machine incapable of saving anything until you spend another $100 or so $$$$.

IRetrouk3372d ago

Damn, I feel sorry for you with those prices, I got a good bundle deal at launch with an 8gig card, will do me fine as I buy most of my games at retail.

RememberThe3573372d ago

That was a pretty good interview. I like hearing these guys/gals speak more honestly than the usual sticking to the script lingo we usually get. It's refreshing really.

Half-Mafia3372d ago

Digtal pricing need a real rethink.

Uncharted £40 digital, £35 retail
Fifa £45 digital, £35 retail
Virtua Tennis 4 £35 digital, £27 retail
UMvC3 £40 digital, £30 retail

There are some games on the Store that match retail prices or £2-3 cheaper, But still.

A £40 game at retail should be £5 cheaper on the PS Store.

nirosan3372d ago

Guys one question is it possible to put your downloaded games on a computer? Then whenever you need it just transfer it back to the vita. Is that possible because I seriously can't afford to fork out $50 or more just for a memory card. With taxes I can be paying up to $400, and I just can't be doing that atm.