South Park: The Game preview [BeefJack]

BeefJack: "None of the previous South Park titles have been up to scratch, but will SOUTH PARK: THE GAME finally capture the anarchic essence of Cartman, Kenny and company? We sure hope so…

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Pintheshadows3361d ago

I'm struggling to understand how the combat will work on a 2D plane. Will it be like an old school scrolling beat em up where you can move upwards or downwards? I think this will need a demo.

It looks brilliant though. The screens look exactly like the show.

JsonHenry3361d ago

Looks like castle crashers combat to me.

And I agree. Given the previous south park games I would like a demo before I buy.

LAWSON723361d ago

Ya I believe it would work like castle crashers but what would make this game worth 60 dollars because it looks like it shoulb be on xbla