Starhawk Beta: Six things you have to do

You mean besides rocketing through a massive space battlefield in a transforming robot jet? Yes we do. The Starhawk Open Beta – which you can grab from PSN right now – is plastered in tactical pimples – you just need to know where to squeeze, which is where we come in. From finding the best sniper spots to knocking up impenetrable defences, we’ve cracked Starhawk’s crusty exterior to reveal the creamy multiplayer centre beneath, so kick back and enjoy our guide to getting the most out of the Open Beta.

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Tdmd3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

1) Try to connect to a game section;
2) Try again;
3) And again;
4) Do not despair;
5) One more time;
6) Give up and go cry silently on your pillow.

Amazing game, but from my experience, it is ridiculous how hard it is to be able to join a game. Hope they can fix this soon, for I just know I'll get it day one either way. :/

Capt-FuzzyPants3360d ago

Yea almost everytime I do end up in a session it kicks me out like a minute before it ends. I can't even see if I helped my team win.

ginsunuva3360d ago

Never had a problem. Not even yesterday.

BitbyDeath3359d ago

I heard the final game will have a trophy for it.

Adolph Fitler3360d ago

I haven't had a lot of trouble connecting man..But on saying that, I haven't played this epic, masterpiece of a game nearly enough, due to my large back catologue of games I own, not to mention the maasive ammount of new games either recently released like Twisted Metal, The Darkness 2, Jak & Daxter collection, etc, etc, then the ones of the verge of release with awesome demos, like SSX & co. It's ridiculous how massive the quantity & quality of games released this gen. People complain about this & that, but I've been on this earth for 37yrs now, & f$#k me with a chainsaw if I'm lying, there has never been a gen in games as fruitful as this one. The longuevity of games is unbelievable due to online.

But amongst all these classic games like the COD series....these games pale in comparison when held up against Starhawk, as the developers have actually added so much of value to the game, it truly is a revolution in online multiplayer as opposed to the COD series which is massive sales wise, but anyone with half a brain knows these games have gone nowhere tech, gameplay, etc, etc, wise & are just much of the same, only they detract from the single player, to add a few extra guns for multiplayer..

Incognito has taken Warhawk, then improved it as much as possible where it needed it, & even improved & built on the many parts of the game that were already awesome & thus have built a true masterpiece in online gaming.
I truly hope all PS3 owners purchase Starhawk, as it is already a masterpiece from the couple of hours I've spent online, & I didn't scratch the surface of tactics & such. True gamers shouldn't hesitate to buy Starhawk, & due to the streamlined controls & smooth, accessable gameplay (certainly moreso than Warhawk) I hope the more casual gamers give this futuristic, unique & revolutionary game a look in. Hell, even Nintendo & MS fanboys should drop there guards, & be fair & try this game at a mates place, as this game has that something special that may allow these hardcore fanboys to open up & buy a PS3 & Starhawk, just because deep down they are simply gamers & should look at all great games objectively no matter the system that runs them.

Buy Starhwak people, everyone needs to own this game.....Buy a PS3 for this game alone, as it is so deep & fun that it may do you until PS4 & hopefully Zippers return to the winners circle with Socom.

VonBraunschweigg3360d ago

1. Land your pot on the Hawk platform.
2. Deploy a Hawk and take to the sky.
3. Shoot at least one riftbarrel on your way to the enemy base.
4. Land next to enemy flag, shoot the one turret they managed to build.
5. Grab the flag.
6. Crush the remaining defender with a garage from the sky, jump in the buggy & get the hell out of there:)

All in one minute, yes I love this game, May can't come fast enough. And I don't care if they up the riftcost for the jetpack even further, it's the closest thing to being Boba Fett. For me this is the most promising multiplayergame this year, and we haven't even seen the 32 player maps. 32 Hawks dogfighting, must be awesome.

BitbyDeath3359d ago

1. Crush someone with your pod
2. Steal a teammates vehicle just as they deploy it
3. Build the great wall of china
4. Knife someone after an intense gun fight
5. Hide in the enemys bunker with mines attached to the ladder and front door and use the unlimited rockets at your feet to take down their base from the inside.
6. Take the razor and run down anything that moves

Kaos_Vll3359d ago

sounds like a blast, downloading now.

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