SSX Demo First 14 minute, Intro, Tutorials and Race

ggamdori wrote: "SSX demo was released today on PSN....
It has two interesting feature that immediately pops out. One is the rewind feature, which you can correct small mistakes,... Another thing is Skate (another EA game)-inspired trick control....

The videos show the intro (which was unskippable), tutorials and one race.

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gamey2456d ago

I'm totally impressed. Looks fun. Wheeee!!!

LoLZoRz2456d ago

best demo i've ever played.

got 27+ million on Trick It. woop

Captain Qwark 92456d ago

i love it, 10/10 for me off the demo alone. and holy f*ck, highest ive gotten so far is a little over 8 mil. kudos