Madden NFL 13 Box Art Revealed and Kinect Compatibility

The box art for Madden 13 has been revealed and the Xbox 360 will feature Kinect compatibility.

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Outside_ofthe_Box4051d ago

2k needs to be able to make football games man.

DasTier4049d ago

There's nothing pretty about being a fanboy...

Outside_ofthe_Box4049d ago

How am I being a fanboy?

EA can continue to make football games. I just want 2K to be able to make football game too. Is that wrong?

In my opinion madden games have been going south ever since they were the only ones allowed to make football game. 2K being able to make football games again will allow for good competition.

lifesanrpg4051d ago

That's not the official box art....Aren't we voting on the cover?

MRHARDON4051d ago

Question : Is it just me or do I see a problem with releasing a football game every year?

Call of Duty is different, they give you new maps, weapons a whole new campaign.

I'm not saying releasing Call of Duty every year is right but what is the need to release a football game every year? isnt it mostly the same maps (stadiums)?

DasTier4051d ago

Meh a company would never make money with just releasing new rosters as dlc. BTW call of duty maps aren't really new, and neither are the weapons, most have been in a previous iteration from the series.

birdykilla4051d ago

I just wait until around july/august the next year and the Madden games always get a permanent price drop to $30. They would make money with roster DLC updates and they would also be able to keep the communities together. All they would have to do is charge $10 and call it the Madden 13 roster update. Instead of splitting up the community and charging $60 for it. Also servers wouldn't get shut down for the previous games, cause their wouldn't be previous games. Its all about that extra $50 their losing out on. What they don't see is that many more people would spend $10 then $60 for madden.