Top 10 most pirated PC games of the now

MyGaming takes a look at some of the big torrent sites to see which games pirates are recently plundering on the internet

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ATi_Elite3363d ago

Piracy sucks but all those games except the Darkness II and Need for speed the run sold very well on teh PC.

Yi-Long3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

... to first check out how it will run on their machine, or to check it out before buying the console version, or to just check their hardware power (as a showcase), or to avoid DRM or whatever.

Not every pirated copy of a game is a lost sale. Far from it.

admiralthrawn873363d ago

yep. i've pirated numerous games just to see if i should get it for my pc or not, deleted it, and bought the game. i've also pirated games that i've purchased and lost but still have my cd key for. they still got my purchase.

Captain Qwark 93363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

yeah i bet a lot of pc gamers take the time to download, install, sometimes crack a game to see how it runs. then after which of course, they buy it if it ran well......

dont try to justify it dude, 90% of them are stealing it, simple as that. 90% of people are guilty of pirating some form of entertainment, music, tv, games. computers just make it easy. ive downloaded so much music its ridiculous. as most people have, but im not gonna sit here and try to give you bs excuses as to why other than i wanted it free.

is every pirated copy a lost sale? no, but most are.

and if you are even slightly educated in the hardware of a pc, then looking at the specs and the minimum requirements will tell you if it will run on your system. it may not give you benchmarks but you dont need that, you need to know if it will run

LightofDarkness3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

That's absolute BS, Qwark, except for the "everybody pirates" part.

What about people who played a game ONLY because they could get it for free, i.e. would have never paid for it? That's not a lost sale. It's also the majority of cases of "piracy."

And no, minimum requirements are BS at the best of times, as are recommended. Minimum requirements only assume that because the hardware is compatible, it is capable, which is certainly not true in many cases. Recommended specs are a better yardstick for measuring the minimum specs, and I believe they should start putting the "optimum" specs on boxes again.

There are also innumerable cases of complete driver incompatibility. AMD users could only play RAGE to an acceptable level 4 months after release! That is unacceptable and an unfortunate side-effect of our increasingly console-focused industry, which means it is becoming WISE to download a game like so to see if it runs before purchasing, just in case you get completely screwed over.

And no, piracy isn't "stealing" because the original owner is not deprived of their copy. You're counterfeiting. You will find the laws governing those two crimes are quite different.

h311rais3r3363d ago

Qwark can piracy be a lost sale if those people would have never bought It in the first!

ItsMeAgain3363d ago

Let me give you an example.

I pirated Battlefield 3 to see how my PC could handle it. Good single player liked it a lot. Then I felt like playing it more, so I bought a cd key online and now I'm having fun with the multiplayer.

NOTE: I wasn't going to get it until the price dropped to about $19.99 on PS3 or I would have stick to MW3... But since I was aware that I could play it smoothly and that I found it fun, I couldn't wait for it.

So there you go, DICE got +1 from a pirated version that let me "test" it (somehow)...

Just in case, I love both FPS now. No flaming war please.

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Moncole3363d ago

I pirated Alan Wake to see if I can run it good and since I can run it good, I wil buy it soon

Motorola3363d ago

the reason the game got pirated so much is because it was cracked before it even came out.

ItsMeAgain3363d ago

Isn't that the case of every game? Cracked before release date? lol

Motorola3363d ago

No Syndicate still isnt cracked to my knowledge. BF3 took a week.

BlackBusterCritic3363d ago

I pirated Arkham City, but only played it for 5 minutes.

chazjamie3363d ago

yes, it is truly an overrated game.

Virus2013363d ago

I agree, I got the game for free after buying a graphics card. I didn't find the game to be fun at all and couldn't wait to finish and uninstall it.

beastlysensation3363d ago

Alan Wake. A game 2 years late to PC, a huge success for remedy. Nough said.

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