Eurogamer Reviews Unreal Tournament III- 9/10


Unreal Tournament III? The other ones were on the PC, Mr PS3 Consumer. Of course you know that (I've always liked you), but some won't. That's the point; it was huge on PC, and Epic and Sony know that PS3's spangly new online network and ferocious hardware is ideal for establishing it properly away from its usual digs. So if you are new, the premise is this: a multiplayer-focused first-person shooter that takes established concepts like deathmatch, team deathmatch, duels and capture the flag, aims to do them very well, and moulds them into tweaked alternatives to establish variety.

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DiLeCtioN4729d ago

just cant wait to slot this in

rushbd4729d ago

that's something i've never seen before :P

TANOD4729d ago

they have mend their ways after seeing GS fate

MK_Red4729d ago

Well, while PC gamers have played previous UTs and UT3 might not be so fresh for them, it's actually the first great and true UT for consoles so the PS3 (And later, 360) version definitly deserve a higher score.

hotshot12374729d ago

and the new modded maps are pretty freakin good!

Blademask4729d ago

The PS3 finally started up.

JIN KAZAMA4729d ago

a gaming mag to let me know if the PS3 has finally started up. The PS3 is a beast of a machine no matter what these idiot reviewers think. So, glad to see they gave it a 9, but just like any other reviewer.....F OFF!!!


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The story is too old to be commented.