Game Guys review - Final Fantasy XIII-2

Sequels and spinoffs to Final Fantasy games isn't anything new. After all, there have been multiple Final Fantasy VII games and PS2 game Final Fantasy X had its own numbered sequel in Final Fantasy X-2 (jokingly referred to as "Pretty Yuna's Dress-up Game"). Final Fantasy XIII-2 continues this on-again-off-again trend and delivers with one heck of a game.

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Tuxmask553367d ago

I'm only a couple of hours in, but so far so good.

Tuxmask553367d ago

I don't see why that's lol-worthy.

no_more_heroes3367d ago

It has a few holes in there (especially involving Caius), but it's definitely better than XIII.

If you reach Episode 5 within 25 hours, then level up before moving on. Trust me. You will be eaten alive if you don't.

Also, try getting all the fragments in the locations you've visited up to that point. Certain rewards you get for them (once you unlock where you get the rewards) will help immensely for the rest of the game