Sony: US Vita pre-orders indicate “very, very positive” sales

Sony Computer Entertainment America boss Jack Tretton told IGN last week that Sony’s data shows “very, very positive” sales ahead of the new handheld’s launch.

“Memory is going out the door very aggressively despite the fact that memory is in a lot of the presale bundles. The software appears to be selling quite well top to bottom,” he added, noting that Uncharted: Golden Abyss is the best-selling game so far.

princejb1344506d ago

congrats sony
a new handheld well made

Game4life4506d ago

me too. Getting mine in like 5 hours

JoGam4506d ago (Edited 4506d ago )

Me Three! Mine is being delivered to my office. This is the first time Im excited to get up for work.

Snookies124506d ago

Ahhhh, that made me lol.

Titanz4506d ago

Consistency is key though, cause the core gaming demographic definitely preordered the Vita, or is buying the device at launch.

FriedGoat4506d ago

There's more core gaming demographic to go around!

mcstorm4506d ago

Im not too sure how LL it is selling in the UK as quite alot of places dropped the price and added a memory card and game to there bundles.
I can't wait to get hold of one though as there are some amazing looking games out for it.

ziggurcat4506d ago (Edited 4506d ago )

b-b-but i thought that the vita was DOOOOOOOOOOOOMED....


p.s. ordered mine today from EB games/gamestop, i hope that i'm actually able to pick it up tomorrow (today, technically...).

edit: disagree when i was *clearly* being sarcastic? jesus christ people can't read...

tehpees34506d ago

Every system is doomed bro. These internet journalists and random bedroom bloggers need to wake up and accept there is someone interested in the system whether they like it or not. That one sceptic is nowhere near an indication of the rest of the world.

360GamerFG4506d ago

Sure, like they didn't say that about psp go. . .