Gravity Daze - One Of The Best Vita Games So Far?

The highest selling game in Japan for the Vita so far during the Feb 06 - Feb 12 Media Create Sales report for Japan is Gravity Daze. It's only second to the number 1 spot which the Suikoden: Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki got for the PSP for the top ten games sold overall.

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DigitalAnalog3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

This would probably be the "flagship" title for the first-gen games of the Vita.

LX-General-Kaos3360d ago

You are probably right, but I will wait until I play this and uncharted to find a winner. Too early to say for me.

Cloudberry3360d ago

Could be.

Great great scores spreading around so far.

Famitsu: 38 / 40.

Dengeki PlayStation: 95 / 90 / 100 / 80.

Gamekult: 8 / 10. 5 / 5.

Eurogamer: 9 / 10.

Geekrevolt: 10 / 10.

biosonico3360d ago

Wow, those reviews really say something

knifefight3360d ago

Same scores as "New Love Plus."

Cloudberry3360d ago

But hey, early non Japanese reviewers (Gamekult, Gameblog, Eurogamer, Geekrevolt) also enjoy Gravity Rush.

And look at those idiots who gave me disagrees for providing the review scores...

knifefight3360d ago

Yeah I just love throwing jabs at Famitsu and Dengeki, haha ;)

Gravity Rush is legitimately looking solid. The demo was great.

(BTW I wasn't one that tossed out disagree to you. I do find it funny how often N4G peeps will add stealth disagrees to simple statements of fact though. Like what is there to disagree with?)

AllroundGamer3360d ago

since i saw the first trailer i knew it would be the best game from all the Vita launch titles, pretty original and stylish.

rezzah3360d ago

Yea, the first couple seconds of the game shown never left my mind. All the other games were good, even UC, but this game just stood out from the others.

gtxgamer23360d ago

My most anticipated game!

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