Rumor: Latest PlayStation Store Update Brings All PSN PSP Games To Vita

Sony's latest PlayStation Store update seems to have allowed all PSP titles on the PlayStation Store for download onto the Vita!

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Snookies123374d ago

If this is true, that is awesome! Don't have my Vita until tomorrow morning, so I can't check. o_o

fluffydelusions3373d ago

Think true because they are all talking about it at neogaf

darthv723373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

i have about 5 games not on the list 'officially'. Cant wait till my tax return gets here.

Any word on ps1 support?

Snookies123373d ago

Well I hope so! I wish Crisis Core and Birth by Sleep were on there though... D:

jwk943373d ago

If someone could varify this, that'd be great!

Mikhail3373d ago

It was toldy by sony exec months ago that they were working on it but people including journalist forgot. It was explained that they are tweaking some titles because of the 2nd analog stick. I think yoshida was the one that told it.

jwk943373d ago

So...they're available?

Mikhail3373d ago

They are updating the games daily. Some games are now compatible. You can search the psblog about this.

Smashbro293373d ago

Don't most of them work when transferred via a PS3?

evercast3373d ago

This is not true I can still not download Joan d arc on the vita have to transfer it over.

SaffronCurse3373d ago

Well it does explain why the store updated on a Wednesday...

majiebeast3373d ago

If true wow i would pick up crisis core and birth by sleep in a nanosecond for a reasonable price.

FalseAngel03373d ago

All PSN PSP titles. Birth by Sleep and Crisis Core were never allowed to be put on PSN by Square Enix and I believe Disney had a hand in the Kingdom Hearts one.

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The story is too old to be commented.