Netflix Now Available on the PlayStation Vita

"As promised by Sony, the Netflix application on the PlayStation Vita is now available for download on the PlayStation Store." - JPS

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Snookies122429d ago

Hell yes! Awesome movies and shows in bed on a beautiful OLED screen. XD

alien6262429d ago

love my vita :) cant stop buying games x_x going to make me broke

JoGam2429d ago

@ Alien626, Im the same way. I'll be broke by this weekend.

hennessey862429d ago

errrm why wouldn't you just watch them on your normal TV if your in bed, but this great for when your out. I am going to get a vita very soon, it will be the first hand held I have ever bought.

asmith23062429d ago

Tell me about it. I have a friend who has a 50 inch screen in his room but he watches movies in bed on his... ipad!! What a nerd.

supremacy2429d ago

Because sometimes you just dont want all that lighting, lighting up your room or bother someone else with the sound you can keep to yourself via headphones.

Its you know, private and convinient, plus if you choose to run other apps than you can on the fly, without having to search for the remote to your tv,(which by the not everyone has one in their room,though I do, but just saying) .

brodychet2429d ago

God I love the Vita...... and I won't have it for like 9 hours.;P

amip172429d ago

Where is facebook app? what happened to facebook? T_T

ElementX2429d ago

No thanks, I'd rather watch programs on my TV and when I'm on the go, I like to bring along a book.

morganfell2429d ago

Well that is your decision but you are missing the point of flexibility and freedom. Go to a hotel. How do you use your Netflix on your TV? You see, it's about options.

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The story is too old to be commented.