Online petition started for Ubisoft to re-do Splinter Cell:Chaos Theroy MP in HD

An online petition has been created for Ubisoft to re-do Splinter Cell:Chaos Theroy multiplayer portion, as an HD downloadable title.

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hudsoniscool2850d ago

yes. an hd version of chaos theroy mp for 1200 ms points or so. that or actually put SvM back in the next game.

dazzrazz2849d ago

... and we all know what online petitions can achieve...

Chrono2849d ago

Another Splinter Cell re-release? No thanks.

chanmasta2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Looks great on PC already. Oh and by the way, what's "Chaos Theroy"?

Holy crap, the dude even spelled it wrong throughout the whole message, even though he stated it's one of his all-time favorite games. Wtf?