How do the PS Vita's specs stack up against the competition?

GamesRadar: A look at the handheld's graphics, battery life, controls, and memory, what they mean to gamers, and how its competitors measure up.

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GribbleGrunger3364d ago

they never compare the 3DS to iphone or ipads and yet they want to compare the 3DS to the Vita (which does get compared to the aforementioned...) odd

LX-General-Kaos3364d ago

The Vita is the flavor of the month because its new. Expect to see these articles about 1,642 times a day until the hype dies down.

darthv723363d ago

these portables should not be compared to each other but to their console counterpart.

Like the 3DS to the cube/wii and vita to the ps3.

Obviously each will have its strength and weakness but ultimately its about the games and whatever appeals to that consumer.

I like both the vita and 3ds. I dont have an iphone (or droid for that matter) but I do recognize that mobile gaming is on the rise thanks to the broadening of console/portable games to other devices.

I would always prefer a dedicated player over a multifunction one but that doesnt mean the multifunction ones should get dinged for being what they are.

smashcrashbash3364d ago

Yeah, we always here how VITA doesn't stack up to a smartphone or tablet but articles comparing the 3DS to them are strangely absent.Why is it people are always reluctant to compare Nintendo's stuff to anything that has more power or better graphics or anything?

DigitalAnalog3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

"Why is it people are always reluctant to compare Nintendo's stuff to anything that has more power or better graphics or anything?"

Because it would destroy the "smartphones would affect the handheld therefore they are the dooommmzz" mentality. Looking at the record, the 3DS is OUTSELLING the NDS on the same time frame back when the NDS had NO SMARTPHONE competition.

No analyst with some logic could put 3DS, Doomz, handheld in the same sentence without looking like a complete fool. The best they could come up with is that "the 3DS is an enigma" to all the competition but I'm pretty sure it would be extremely difficult to put up a straight face after saying that.

However, the recent Japanese sales for the vita make it an easy scapegoat for these types of media "professionalism". Thus as long as a thread of negativity is found in the Vita, these kinds of articles would continue to exists. We can only wait for the latest monthly sales report.

BiggCMan3363d ago

I don't really give a damn how good Infinity Blade 2 looks graphically, it's still a very boring game because the gameplay is stuck on a device with no buttons. You can't run around and explore, it's an on rails game you wiggle your finger around to do the sword play with, it's just a glorified 1 dollar app that's way more expensive than it should be. If people think the Vita even needs to be compared to the iPhone or the 3DS, they are mental because the Vita is miles ahead of every mobile device out there for gaming. It's bringing true console quality (game play AND graphics power) to the handheld market, and the media is stupid for hating on it.

darthv723363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

comment moved

mamotte3363d ago

Because the 3DS was doomed since the beginning, and the thing will never going to sell, and it's a gimmick crap and nobody would buy it, and... you know how the "poor 3DS" is doing now. Damn, it's soooo doomed.

-end sarcasm. just in case-

Tanir3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

actually, you were right before the sarcasm lol. the launch was a complete fail, the console it self wont die but till this day there is no need to own a 3ds, only 2 good games on it since launch that are actually new.

the 3ds is in trouble until atleast a year from now

only reason anyone got it was because of faith on how well the ds did.

ziggurcat3363d ago

haven't you heard? the vita is also DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED, so it makes sense to compare two systems that are DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED.


i can't wait to pick mine up after work today.

mamotte3363d ago

@Tanir Actually, the console obviously doesnt appeal to you. But the fact is that's selling really well, so... no, the sarcasm was right.

phantomexe3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

I really can't wait until the media dies down over the vita release so we can get back to whats really inportant games. ME3,RE operation raccon city, Dragons dogma, you guys remember games. btw i agree with ya on the scapegoat crap if the vita had a better release in japan the media wouldn't of printed 60 doom and glom articles ever minute. I just want to get back to talking about games.

Why o why3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

sorry dude, n4g has reprogrammed my brain to believe sales, 'x' killas, pixel differences and the well being of the console makers are far more important than games. You should keep up;)

Tapioca Cold3363d ago

why do these %$#@ stupid journalists keep comparing the Vita to ipads/tablets/ and phones!!!!!

I bought a Vita because i wanr a gaming machine in my hand! I did not want a computer or phone. I want a gaming BEAST!!!

Phones and Tablet owners, get this through your thick skulls: you are not GAMERS!!! You never were and you never will be.

people who by Vitas are hardcore #@$%ing gamers! Not pussy bus riding idiots killing time!

Don't come into our show. We don't want you, nor your opinions.

AND IT IS CHEAP! 250 for a PS3 in your hands! Blow us all!!!!!

ziggurcat3363d ago

gamers can also own smart phones and ipads... and most of those people don't buy those deivces for gaming.

but you're right, the vita is a beast and spec-wise, it's more powerful than any smart phone or ipad (so i don't know why people seem to think it's weaker than those other devices).