PlayStation Vita Game Card Combats Piracy

"One of the reasons why the developers stopped making games for the PlayStation Portable, was due to the rampant piracy for the handheld. With the UMD disc easy to crack and backed up, Sony learned from that mistake with the PlayStation Vita’s game card." - JPS

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majiebeast3364d ago

I hope it does make pirating impossible or more difficult to do. Piracy killed psp support with several third party studio's.

NewMonday3364d ago

nothing is impossible in Tech, but at least they can stop it from being as simple as with the PSP, all what was needed was connecting to PC via USB and then copy paste, it is so simple a 6 year old can do it.

dark-hollow3364d ago

that's it.
Make it harder for pirates without bothering legit owners a la DRM.

Believe it or not, most reason for piracy besides having it for free is convenient.
If pirating was so hard then a lot of pirates would rather buy the game instead of the headache.

That's why piracy excels in PC's market because it so easy and you can do it from the PC itself.

MightyMark4273364d ago

That's a good news for the Vita. I hope pirates never cracks it so that we get more Vita support from devs.

ziggurcat3364d ago

i see that the one idiot hitting "disagree" thinks people should be allowed to steal games...

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