One Piece: Kaizoku Musou Is Highest Rated Dynasty Warriors Game Ever

Saiyan Island breaks down the scores received by the past few One Piece and Dynasty Warriors games .

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kube003373d ago

Good to see somethings change

Ranma13373d ago

No one takes famitsu seriously. They gave FF13 a 39/40 and FF13-2 a 40/40.

Knight_Cid3373d ago

no one takes you seriously honestly, you know with the trolling and 1 bubble and all

Hicken3373d ago

Kinght_Cid is right that no one takes you seriously.

Sadly, he also doesn't realize the same could be said of himself.

On topic: it better be rated highly. Dynasty Warriors+One Piece better= epic. Took me a while to get into One Piece, but now I love it. And I've been a fan of Dynasty Warriors since DW2, so I'm really hoping this game gets brought over.

killerhog3373d ago

yeah famitsu is a joke. i ignore everything that comes from them to be honest.

Andreas-Sword3373d ago

One Piece: Kaizoku Musou will be better than Final Fantasy!
Final Fantasy is boring!

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-Mika-3373d ago

And it should be. When i watched the latest trailer, i was like this looks like the best dynasty warriors game ever made. The graphics look beautiful and the moves and animations. It just amazing. I hope koei brings this to the USA. Im not a huge one piece fan but this game just looks awsome.

tmoss7263373d ago

Can you explain to me how this is Dynasty Warriors?

Infernostew3373d ago

Dynasty Warriors - Dynasty + One Piece = This game.

jetlian3373d ago

I wanna know how bleach lost to fist of the north star? that was one of the worst DW games ever

killerhog3373d ago

fist of the north star was awesome gtfo