Sony aiming at iPhone with multi-touch screen

When a company as traditional as Sony gets in on a new or niche technology, you just know it's set for the big time, so its newly unveiled multi-touch screen looks like becoming the latest to do battle with the one found in Apple's iPhone.

The troubled Japanese giant has signalled its intent by showing off a prototype LCD that can handle five inputs at once. That's three more than is possible on the iPhone and equivalent to the other multi-touch contender we've seen from Sharp.

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DarkSniper4730d ago

Once again, Sony succeeds in innovating and creating the best electronics to date. No other electronic competitor can provide customers with quality, durability and reliability in the same way Sony does for their customers.


eagle214730d ago

The new ericson's are hot and of course the iphone. I will have to see. Everyone's making new phones, I will be patient and see what's going in the spring.

ArmrdChaos4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

When MS made it's announcement about their multitouch solution all the anti-MS people were crying "MS copies...MS copies", but now Sony does it and all of sudden it's innovative??? LOL!

HarryEtTubMan4730d ago

Bro Microsft isnt Sony. What this means is when Sony now makes this type of phone(ofcourse in Sony style) ALLL the other companys and corporations are going to follow. Watch and see. Sony is the only company brave enough to take on Apple.ony will dominate if other companys dont at least try to compete. This will now become mainstream.

rbanke4730d ago

can someone explain why these devices are called 'multi touch'? As far as I knew there was only one way to touch something.

travelguy2k4730d ago

it can sence the input form up to 5 sources at the same time, or from 5 fingers at once. In use it could mean things like putting 2 fingers on the screen and speading them to zoom in and that type of thing. To really understand it you can go to an Apple store and p[lay with an iphone or and itouch device.

rbanke4730d ago

Thanks for the answer, i guess the name actually does make sence. I have used an iphone a few times, as two clients of mine have them and needed email configured. I have to say, i prefer buttons.

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