Vita Voices: Do we really need Lumines?

Welcome to VGW’s third podcast series: Vita Voices! How do we best describe this show? Imagine Andy Rooney talking about the PS Vita, but with a Scottish accent, and you’re getting warm! Hosted and produced by BAFTA nominated podcaster Ewan Spence, Vita Voices promises to entertain you with logically-constructed opinions, educational banter, and all things PS Vita, wrapped up in a short, easy to digest audio snack.

In this episode, Ewan fondly discusses how the original Gameboy Tetris doomed all future handhelds to including puzzle games, and asks if the Vita really needs another Lumines?

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Kurisu3370d ago

I prefer Lumines to Tetris so personally I am quite happy with another Lumines :)

TheController3370d ago

Lumines was one of my favorite and most played psp games and I'm very excited to see it back for the Vitas launch. It's one of my day one games