Sony's Jack Tretton Talks PlayStation Vita

IGN: Late last week, I was lucky enough to have a chat with Sony Computer Entertainment America's CEO and President Jack Tretton. While he did talk to me a bit about Sony's next possible console -- that a PlayStation 4 reveal in 2012 would "distract" him -- our conversation otherwise (and not surprisingly) revolved almost entirely around the PlayStation Vita, which launches for all western gamers this week.

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nevin13363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

I got a chance to play for a min at target(it went out) and so far I don't like the feel/positioning of the Dpad/Buttons. This is due to the 5" oled screen.

The system is bigger but lighter than PSP 3000.

NewMonday3363d ago

i tested the Vita a few days ago, for me the positioning was better than i expected.

my thumps naturally rested on the analog sticks without a need to stretch, and the thumps were conveniently laid horizontally with the pair of square-x and triangle-O buttons.

Akiba963363d ago

Respectable guy, Mr Tretton is, hope the Vita has a much more promising start in EU and NA than it did in the east. Eitherway that BEAUTIFUL piece of gaming machine is mine tomorrow and nothing will stop me from gaming...........ON THE JOHN!!!!

majiebeast3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Great interview cant wait for E3 and tgs and see what they announce for ps3 and vita this year. Still waiting on those jrpgs besides p4 gold and gravity rush(if you can call it a jrpg)

NewMonday3363d ago

you can ply PSP JRPGs on it, but i do wish to get dedicated ones for Vita.

so far a great looking one is coming soon, Dragons Crown.

SaffronCurse3363d ago

Played the vita at a local ebgames, was amazed on how great it feels in your hand.

Smashbro293363d ago

And he didn't ask where the hell our UMD transfer program?!

Nakiro3363d ago

They already said it's not happening.

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