Venturebeat: Sony Playstation Vita: THE Hardware Review

James Pikover at Venturebeat gives an in-depth review of the Playstation Vita console.

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LX-General-Kaos3291d ago

The vita looks very pretty in that picture alone.

zeeshan3291d ago

I have never seen it in real life, will probably do that when I go to BestBuy but it does look very sexy in pictures.

Mikhail3291d ago

It looks like a psp but its more refine and sophisticated....I just get that feeling when I saw it first hand.

Sadie21003291d ago

This is a massive amount of info.

crazytown993291d ago

That is one comprehensive

jamezrp3291d ago

I had to stop myself from going on. If I hand't I would have ended up writing the Vita for Dummies book.

Knight_Cid3291d ago

its a decent review. His kissing mobile ass was unnecessary, and least he didnt slam psp

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