13 Things You Ought To Know Before Buying A Vita

In the market for a Vita? Well check out this list of 13 pros and cons about Sony's newest handheld device before you make your decision.

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fluffydelusions3374d ago

The friends list needs some work on PSV IMO. Hopefully updates will address this.

EcoSos33374d ago

The friend list needs fixing when im connect online with my vita my account disappear completely from my friend's PS3 friend list.

darthv723374d ago

Anyone familiar with sony knows they have a small card in the form of the M2. It is used in the GO as well as various Ericson phones. I had purchased a 2gb M2 for my walkman slider a few years back and it was $15. I later put it into my GO when I changed phones.

Small (physical) size isnt so much an issue. Small (capacity) however is. Hopefully not too long down the line we should see 64 and maybe 128 cards taking the price points of the 16 and 32.