Collective Thoughts: Will you buy a PS Vita at launch?

Early adopters of technology are typically taught harsh lessons, especially when it comes to price. Companies like Apple, and more recently Nintendo (with their unusually quick but necessary 3DS price drop) have made the practice of early adoption even tougher to swallow. With tomorrow’s official North American launch of the PS Vita — and with its lackluster Japanese sales top of mind — we wanted to know if our readers plan to pick one up. What we learned is that most of you have been trained by technology companies to patiently wait for a price drop. We also sensed a lot of “wait and see” attitudes and a disinterest in the launch games.

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fluffydelusions3371d ago

Yep. Already preordered and picking up tomorrow.

darthv723370d ago

cant say it will be at launch but tax return should be here in 2 weeks. Does that still count for something?

Elimin83370d ago

Already did.. Before launch.. Try one week before... And enjoying the Tihs out of it!

dark-hollow3370d ago

No money, no honey ):
Hopefully I can get it next month.

ThanatosDMC3370d ago

Yup, bought two Vitas (wifi), two 32gb, and two Army Corps of Hell games on newegg. Love preferred account. Bought 6 more from Target.

darthv723370d ago

you one lucky @#&%**$&%^#

I am seriously jealous.

ThanatosDMC3370d ago

It'll take me a while to pay it back but a newegg preferred account has a 12 month no interest deal. The 6 games I bought from target ended up on my debit though. It took forever to convince the guy to sell me Ninja Gaiden since he said he's not suppose to sell it before the 22nd. Glad there was buy 2 get 1 deal.

sikbeta3370d ago

Redesign or price-drop ala 3DS, whatever that comes first, price drop will come first I know, but a redesign should be better, so I don't know yet...

BattleAxe3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

I think I might wait for the next model also. HDMI OUT is a feature I'd like to see in the next one., I'd also like to see them make the touch pad on the back a bit smaller(1/2" smaller each side) and the finger grips a bit bigger. I am quite interested in Uncharted: Golden Abyss though, and I'm also interested to see more on the Call of Duty game in production for the VITA.

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Rainstorm813370d ago

First Edition Bundle here too and looking at NEAR its 46 people playing in a 3 mile radius......I think the PSV will do great

fluffydelusions3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

I actually just switched my preorder from wifi -> 3g because you get a free 8gb card and stardust + free month of data which is probably all I'll ever use anyway. BTW, does near require 3G?

TheGamingArt3370d ago

No Near doesn't require 3G

morganfell3370d ago

Same here. Picked up the First Edition bundle. These games look insane. The videos we have been shown really do not do them any justice.

rockbottom30763370d ago

same here. I am really impressed already how many are out around me. The number on Tuesday was about 8 since than its grown to about 68. I am not in a area that I thought would support those numbers suit is definitely a great start IMO.

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AceofStaves3370d ago

Me, too. The bundle was too great a deal to pass up.

Summons753371d ago

Picking mine up first thing tomorrow, I'll have just enough time to get it all set up charged and ready to bring to work for a near 12 hour shift =p

tarbis3370d ago

Working 12 hour shift here too. And screw work. Playing PSV is more important. XD

Tristanh823370d ago

preorder here in Australia...... might pick up in a week or two depending how much work i can get to pay her off.

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The story is too old to be commented.