Ninja Gaiden III: Gimped PlayStation Move controls?

EDGE highly critical of Ninja Gaiden III's Move controls, calling them "lackluster", lacks precision/challenge, and more.

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Megaman_nerd3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

How can you compare a 60 frames per second, fast paced hack & slash game to Skyward Sword is beyond be. It's not like Team Ninja could copy the set-up of a game where most enemies die after 2 maybe 3 slashes in a really slow paced combat system that involves killing certain enemies in a very specific way like saying: a low vertical slash because his shield doesn't cover his feet. To do something like that on NG3 they would need to basically rework every gameplay element.

Edge is really inconsistent in their commentaries toward anything related to Sony and I wonder why.

Tdmd3371d ago

I've logged in just to agree with you.

Frankfurt3371d ago

That's Team Ninja Dog for you. They haven't made a single worthwhile thing since Itagaki left.

Anyone considering buying this garbage should just watch the Giant Bomb quick look of the game. Awful.

GamersXTREME3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

"Team Ninja Dog" hasn't made a single worthwhile thing since Itagaki left? Sorry but Team Ninja has been tremendously better off without Itagaki. Dead or Alive Dimensions proved that Hayashi has a better understanding of the series than the original creator ever had. Dead or Alive Dimensions perfected the flawed counter system that Itagaki ruined in DOA4. Ninja Gaiden III is looking pretty awesome in my opinion and I've been a die-hard Ninja Gaiden fan since the original NES series.

Every video I've seen for Ninja Gaiden III has me getting more excited for the game's release. While everyone has their own opinion, let the game come out (and play it) before setting the final decision on whether it's "garbage" or not.

As for the Move control implementation, I'll let myself be the judge of whether they're gimped or not, as should everyone else who plays the game.

NewMonday3371d ago

I loved the last 2 NG games, but more excited for this one because of more commitment to story, they have the writer of Chrono Trigger and Xenogears, that is big time.

and Move is optional anyway

multipayer3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

I havn't played any move game that had amazing controls, so this is no surprise to me. Even skyward sword were ported perfectly, I don't think the move and its big clunky control scheme work as well.

Khronikos3371d ago

Oh please the Move is more accurate than the Nintendo by far in many games. Tiger Woods coming out this year is going to make it ridiculously awesome as well you have Sport Champions and all the AAA titles plus all kinds of smaller ones like Tumble, Swords and Soldiers, Dead Space ext., and others.

Give it a rest. House of the Dead on PS3 has no equal with the gun.

Ddouble3371d ago

I'll wait for Waggle 3D's reviews as they are usually more in depth.