A Reminder That a Final Fantasy VII Remake Wouldn't Work

1up's Jeremy Parish: We've been over the reasons Square Enix probably will never publish that Final Fantasy VII remake they've been teasing us with for years, and no one likes to see a man beat a long-dead horse. But I noticed something while doing an image search for FFVII protagonist Cloud Strife this morning which reminded me that a remake of the game would be a pretty lousy idea.

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Megaman_nerd2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

What can we do, these days they want to make every character as emo as possible. Just look at Dante. But I wouldn't mind as long as his main features stayed the same because you know, I'm not expecting the remake to be a carbon copy of the old game anyway. ;_;

Outside_ofthe_Box2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

That's all I can say.

~*"I'm not confident that Square Enix remembers what made FFVII so compelling in the first place."*~

Couldn't agree more.

Perjoss2526d ago

and this all boils down to 1 thing. FF VII was made by a company called Square. Square Enix is something very different.

Wolfbiker2526d ago

Unless VII or VII-2 gameplay can look as good Advent Children, then they shouldn't even bother at this point.

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floetry1012526d ago

"Despite their almost identical poses, these two versions of Cloud couldn't be more different if they were night and day. The original Cloud stands with a confident posture, chest thrust outward, feet spread apart, free fist clenched, ridiculously huge sword supported firmly. The Dissidia Cloud stands meekly, shoulders slumped, left hand dangling limp, sword held aloft only because it's resting against his back. The one on the left is a guy who would brag about his skills, flirt with flower girls, and make sarcastic cracks to his party members' faces. The guy on the right wants to sit in a dimly lit room and listen to sad music while weeping quietly into a scented pillow. The one on the left is the Cloud who actually was the hero of FFVII, barring a brief period where he experienced a severe personality crisis; the one of the left is the Cloud who has appeared everywhere else -- and, one suspects, would be shoehorned into any prospective remake. And even if Square kept Cloud the same as he originally was, can you imagine the caterwauling from people who have let his sulky Advent Children personality overwrite their memory of the character as he was originally conceived? Awful. I'm OK with FFVII being left as-is."


This assumption that Cloud is a total sad-sack is complete and utter garbage. Advent Children turned him into a cardboard cut-out of a character and suddenly everyone started believing that he was always that way. It was never the case.

Skateboard2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

Yeah, the excuse for him acting like that was cause of Aeris death........ lame.

El_Assenso2526d ago

Indeed a standing ovation! *Claps like mad* Ok now that the formalities are done...I agree 100% Square Enix have forgotten what made their games so great to play. From Final Fantasy 1-10, each game was unique, absorbing story, brilliant characters, awesome battle systems and stoodout on its own as a great game. Vagrant Story was awesome as well. It looks like this merger with Enix has killed off the magic. The only magic left is Nomura san, and who knows how much control he has over the games he makes.

Don't trust Square Enix with a remake. I remember some Square Enix employee one of the big honcho's (can't remember his name) said quite a bit back, that if they remade it he'd like to cut-out the irrelevant bits. I mean thats nuts. EVERYTHING in FFVII made it great.

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