Call of Duty: Devil's Brigade Revealed: The Call of Duty Game That Never Was

Five months before the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, a small team of developers began work on a top-secret, third-person Call of Duty spin-off. Set in Italy during World War II, Call of Duty: Devil's Brigade would feature squad-based mechanics, exploration, and a grim story about a team of skillfully trained killing machines.

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Shackdaddy8362433d ago

I would have bought that...

ATi_Elite2432d ago

Yeh i think they made teh right choice in canceling teh game.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a CLASSIC!

Maybe bring back Devils Brigade on an updated engine and as a nice DLC pak!

Mr-Zex2432d ago

Are you kidding me man? A real classic is Call of Duty 2, that game was amazing and I loved everything about it. That's a classic COD if anything.

RedDead2432d ago

Cod is a real classic, Cod 2 was a precursor to 4, 4 was the next best thing imo.

Fishy Fingers2432d ago

Could of been interesting, but obviously, from a commercial point of view, would of never stood up with their modern FPS COD games of late.

BattleTorn2432d ago

I think it's about time we go back to WWII.

I have very fond memories of World at War.

Shackdaddy8362432d ago

Well, I wouldn't say bring it back fully, but have a mix. We went straight from all WWII to all Modern War games and it just gets boring.

BattleTorn2432d ago

We had a mix there for a couple years.



COD5 [email protected]

It was nice switching back and forth.

snowman21492432d ago

Interesting. Maybe this will end up being the ps vita cod game thats supposed to come out this year!