Prediction: Blu-ray blows away HD DVD


2008 is the year Sony's Howard Stringer and the Blu-ray Disc will slay HD DVD as effectively as Joseph Turok dispenses with dinosaurs. If you're unfamiliar with that metaphor, you probably don't have a PlayStation 3.

Every PS3 console sold in the U.S. comes equipped with a Blu-ray DVD player. That's an advantage that has put the Sony device in about 2.7 million U.S. homes, compared with fewer than 750,000 for HD DVD. Blu-ray movies also outsell HD DVD movies in Europe by a 3-to-1 margin. This despite HD DVD players costing less than half the price of a PS3/Blu-ray combo unit.

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TANOD4729d ago

well HD DVD had no chance in the first place

watch out for HITACHI's 100gig BD disc at CES ---this disc if you are unaware is fully compatible with all existing BD players including the PS3


rofldings4729d ago

I back blu-ray with the full force of my manhood.

Panthers4729d ago

Bout time someone made the right prediction. I am sick of people saying that HD-DVD will win. Its stupid to think that. People just want to right useless articles that will turn heads for no reason.

Lord_Mike4729d ago

Finally... I'm tired to this high definition format war. Peace be with you HD-DVD


Bluray won the minute they released the ps3 in november 2006.

mikeslemonade4729d ago

Im tired about all articles that say both formats will succeed.

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Tsalagi4729d ago

Gamers don't care which HD format wins!!

TANOD4729d ago (Edited 4729d ago )

Kojima and Square do.

Rockstar does for LA NOIRE

Quantic Dream does for Heavy Rain

Every dev and gamer wants more space to hold more and complex textures

@the person below

MGS4 might take up 50 gig. FF13 might take up even more.

a typical HD DVD disc holds 15/30 gig vs 25/50 for BLU RAY

even a subpar game like LOST ODYSSEY took up 4 DVDS

so definitely FF13 will take more than 30 gigs so in a sense it is impossible on HD DVD

Tsalagi4729d ago

I'm sure they do, but do YOU really care if that game is on HD-DVD or Blu-Ray? Would having it on a different format than the one you preferred keep you from enjoying the game? This format war should only matter to videophiles and moviebuffs, not to gamers.

Jinxstar4729d ago

True but can't a gamer be both... I mean PS3 owners have an advantage here buy being able to watch HD movies now... I do have like 7 BR movies and enjoy them a lot.... Not that I will cry myself to sleep if BR loses but I like movies and games. I'm not a movie buff but if BR loses and I have to buy a HDDVD player I wont be too happy... Gamers shouldn't care what their game comes on but if their system comes with a feature shouldn't they take advantage of it and promote it so their investment is even more sound?

Nipplestiltskin4729d ago

Gamers are not the necessarily the core audience that Blu Ray is focusing on. More and more consumers will want to have the ability to play games AND watch Hi Def video, and while DVD is the dominant format NOW, it wont be in 3-5 years. Moreover, once people see the price plummet to where DVD-rom levels are now. DVD's will be fairly obsolete, as multiple disc sets and other special editions and versions can be easily accomodated on ONE disc (5.1 sound/7.1 sound/dvd extras/audio-only layers for HD audio-only playback), whether it be Blu Ray or HD-DVD. And it will be Blu Ray. NO question. Think ahead, not just NOW.

Tsalagi4729d ago

I have a PS3 and own Blu-ray movies so i know what you mean. What i was trying to get across though is that i really don't care what HD format GAMES are on and neither should gamers. Let the movie studious fight it out over which ever format wins to replace DVD but to gamers it really shouldn't matter because the disk format for each console is set already for this gen.

If one format should win over the other(yes i see Blu-ray winning as well)and is the standard in next-gen systems then so be it. However, If HD-DVD were to be adopted and next-gen systems used that type of disk only i wouldn't be crying myself to sleep over it. I'd just be enjoying the games regardless.

Jinxstar4729d ago

I get what you mean man but saying "Gamers dont care which format wins" is just not true. I understand it doesn't matter how a game is delivered as long as it runs but the truth is we do care... I want my investments to pay off... I would think most people would.

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chest_master4729d ago

If Microsoft wanted HD-DVD to win they would of included it in the 360 from the start.

TANOD4729d ago (Edited 4729d ago )

over 300 000 x360 owners purchased those add-ons.

Had MS included HD DVD drive in X360 then it would have cost 600$. Even a brand like SONY and the most powerful PS3 struggled in sales with that price you can even imagine MS(with lower brand equity ) scenario in that case


no one has a chance against PS3 in 2008 and beyond. for the first time PLAYSTATION brand has met some resilience. But ofcourse you do know the outcome of the format war AND THE CONSOLE WAR when big hitters arrive the scene. I applaud SONY's decision to make the PS3 more powerful but expensive

Yes initially PS3 struggled. Now even without major games except new AAA IPs like Uncharted,Ratchet and Heavenly Sword PS3 is doing a fantastic job worldwide. In fact it is beating X360 in global sales. It went on to beat it last week too since Mediacrate Japan sales saw 11k boost for ps3 and 1k downgrade for X360.

can you even imagine the impact ultra-realistic games like FF13,GT5,KZ2,MGS4,LBP,HEAVY RAIN (fullfledged interactive game only possible on ps3 according to QD) will have ?

rawd4729d ago

those Xbox 360 HD DVD addon's aren't fairing so well in the past few weeks

Panthers4729d ago

They dont want HDDVD to win. They want both to fail so downloadable content will take over. I hate the idea of that too. I like having something real.

Ju4729d ago (Edited 4729d ago )

I agree. A HD drive would have put the 360 at the same price level as the PS3 and in frontal competition to it. (and possibly to a delayed release). Price and Timing are two main reasons the 360 is competitive. A mistake in the long run, IMO. But we will never know. If the 360 would have a smaller install base then it has today (which could have been caused by a higher price and delayed release date), I think they would not have had a chance against the PS3. Now they do. - But it will kill HD-DVD - something M$ was never really striving for, it was just enough to hurt BD long enough.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4728d ago

Microsoft didn't release X360 with HDDVD because they rushed it and HD DVD was not ready.

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rawd4729d ago

Getting Sony to put Bluray in the PS3 was an absolute brilliant move by the Blu Ray Disc Association.

TANOD4729d ago

SONY can win both the format war (already won ) and the console war (almost certain to come to SONY's favour in 2008 and beyond)

Zinger4729d ago

It's absolutely brilliant seeing all the steps that Sony is taking. I'm sure the starting price for the PS3 was a big mistake, but these guys definitely know what they are doing (adding Blu-Ray). Sony see's that winning in the Next Gen War (movies, music and games) is going to take a top notch effort from all categories not just gaming (360). I don't know about you but i enjoy my gaming system (PS3) for more than just games. PS3 Is and will be the true Next Gen entertainment system. It has so much to offer now, who knows what it will be capable of in the future. Dare i say HOME (Thats gonna be the absolute turning point for the gaming side)

Ju4729d ago

I agree. It did cost them a fortune, though. But anyhow, I think Sony has even the heads up in case they'll decide to deploy IPTV. Actually you already get a taste of HD-Video streaming if you download a trailer and watch it live while downloading. Nice test bed for bandwidth studies (and I can't stream 1080p without "buffering" and I have a 7Mb line). So, competitive games, next gen device standard and ready for internet TV (plus own Music and Movie studios). I think they'll be a major player in those coming years.

killer_trap4729d ago

what... you mean blow it more than it is blowing it now!!!!!!!

why didn't sony and toshiba just make a unified storage format in the first place? things would have been much simpler than they are now.

oh well. at least it'll be over soon.