Aion going free-to-play in North America this Spring

Aion's free-to-play transition in Europe was a welcome shift, but North America was noticeably absent from the change. Luckily, Asmodians and Elyos in that region are being treated to free-to-play Aion this Spring.

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rebirthofcaos3367d ago

cool may get back, hate that I coulndt finish anything only ranger elys every where high lvl

ATi_Elite3367d ago

Aion runs on teh classic CryEngine.

F2P is were teh money is at.

Canary3366d ago

F2P is win-win. I just wish these MMOs would adjust the leveling/content rate to accommodate the transition. I only ever feel like playing STO, for example, maybe 2-5 hours per month... at that rate, It'll take years for me to access even mid-level content.

bwazy3366d ago

But.... Guild Wars 2 is coming out in the spring / summer.... Why is Aion even remotely relevant after that?

admiralthrawn873366d ago

and once guild wars 2 becomes extremely popular you hipster fucks will bash it too. poor wow and cod.

bwazy3365d ago

Hipster eh? Learn to use lame out dated lingo please.

ATi_Elite3364d ago

Once Guild Wars 2 is released.......everything will become irrelevant.

COD so what GW2
Skyrim so what GW2
WoW so what GW2
SW:Tor so what GW2
Rift so what GW2
98% of all the MMO's so what GW2
School so what GW2
Work so what GW2
social life so what GW2
eating so what GW2
end of the world so what GW2

get the picture!