Gran Turismo 5 vs. Reality: Can You Tell the Difference?

This stunning collection of side-by-side photographs and GT5 screenshots will give you a new appreciation for Polyphony Digital's attention to detail.

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Snookies123363d ago

That's pretty dang impressive. Have yet to play GT5 for some reason, I love 3 and 4... The ones without people in them would be really hard to tell which is real in most cases.

OC_MurphysLaw3363d ago

impressive until people/avatars are in the shots... still GT5 is quite the looker of a game.

kneon3363d ago

The difference is that in reality I don't have 1037 cars :)

svoulis3363d ago

I just vomited rainbows...

F#$kin beautiful.

bahabeast3363d ago

i hav this game its beautiful and loaded with features non stop driving, had it for about 4 months and still tons of stuff to do

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