PlayStation Vita’s rear pad a touchy subject

LasVegas Sun: Several launch titles employ the rear touchpad in different ways: It's a method for climbing ladders in "Uncharted: Golden Abyss," reshaping balls of junk in "Touch My Katamari," accelerating antigravity vehicles in "Wipeout 2048," setting up golf swings in "Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational" and slitting throats in "Metal Gear Solid HD Collection."

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Snookies123373d ago

Pretty neat article, I've been a bit skeptical of the rear touch pad, but I guess I'll find out how it all works tomorrow morning. :p

lashes2ashes3373d ago

It works fine. I have had no problems with it playing uncharted and escape plan.

Snookies123373d ago

That's good to hear, I was just mainly worried about accidentally touching the back in games when I don't mean to. XD

darthv723373d ago

it is the gyro and how it works in conjunction with the sticks. The guy at best buy was showing how you could look/aim using the gyro or the stick. I was curious if you were using the stick and suddenly moved the unit, would that movement affect your look/aim.

He said if you are using one, the other wont work meaning that using the stick disables the gyro function. If you stopped using the stick, there was a slight delay but the gyro would work for looking around unlike if you were using the gyro first then moved the stick.

The stick overrides any other control input it seems. i did not try the rear touchpad myself as he was clutching that thing pretty tight. lol

JaredH3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

I never used back touch on Uncharted and thought it worked well in Little Deviants but I have trouble with it in Escape Plan.

You have to be really accurate when opening cages since they're not the biggest. As a result, I touch the wrong part of the screen a lot and don't get 3 stars. The one stage with two cages of sheep took me like half an hour to get 3 stars and I just gave up on trying to get 3 stars soon after. I just wish the amount of touches didn't count towards the rating you get in each level.

Summons753373d ago

actually got to try the vita at best buy yesterday, they were playing little deviants. It's truely surprising how natural the back pad feels and responded beautifully. I was skeptical about it too

Krakn3Dfx3373d ago

I've spent several hours with Little Deviants, and I actually like it a lot. There's not a lot of depth to it, but it came with my FEB, so I have it regardless. Not worth $30 probably, but at $15-$20 it would be worth picking up IMO.

Transporter473373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

touching the back accidentally happens a few times but once you get used to it, nothing to worry about

xabmol3372d ago

It's obviously an anti Sony statement and must be refuted at all costs!


rockbottom30763373d ago

escape plan I have issues with and agree I wish it didn't count against you. Also FIFA which I love the rear touch pad shooting I do still hit it by accident and shoot when I do not want to.

alien6263373d ago

actually it does come to a problem when playing fifa vita. if u touch the rear pad the player kicks the ball towards the goalie but there is a solution just turn it off. u dont really need the rear pad for fifa

salinidus3372d ago

hey if any one wants to see a cool ps vits unboxing vid done the epic way check out this vid

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GraySnake3373d ago

WAIT WAIT WAIT...... METAL GEAR?? can't be!!

Snookies123373d ago

! "What was that noise?"

nikoado3372d ago

Just your imagination.

xabmol3372d ago


What's with the box?

*Intense music*

rezzah3373d ago

Off topic:

Someone is disagreeing with anything anyone says.

On Topic:

The back touch pad was something I was worried about. Prior to the the release (1st edition) I thought that if I mistakenly touched the back I might disrupt my game somehow. I was wrong as it is only used in specific areas of games.

tarbis3373d ago

Loved using the rear touchpad. I hope many developers will find more uses to it.

izumo_lee3373d ago

The touch pad is a nice addition to an already jam packed package. I have had the vita for a week now (1st edition bundle) & no problems have arisen from using it. Escape Plan uses it a lot but again no qualms.

The touch controls are all optional for the most part in most of the Vita launch games. It will be very interesting to see what developers can do to enhance gameplay with it.

Picking up little girls in Hot Shots Golf with the touch pad never gets old :D

Soldierone3373d ago

The only one i didn't like using the rear pad was LittleBigPlanet. It was confusing at times, and didn't really feel needed, just forced.

izumo_lee3373d ago

Has LBP come out for the Vita already? Or was it a demo of it you tried.

Still these are the first gen games for the system, like all new hardware it will take some time to fully take advantage of the hardware. As long as they keep the touch optional for most games than that will be ideal.

Soldierone3373d ago

It was a demo at E3. It wasn't terrible, just felt forced to me. I agree though, it will take time to use it properly.

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