Mass Effect 3 Day-1 DLC already available [Console Monster]

It is still roughtly two and half weeks until Mass Effect 3 hits our shelves but it seems Microsoft have already released the day one DLC for some strange reason.

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LOGICWINS3373d ago

This is why I wait for the GOTY editions. I get the COMPLETE edition of the game at a discounted price. I'm not even finished with ME2 yet, I just fought the Shadow Broker...EPIC. So I'll just wait and play ME3 in a year :)

Lex_Dangerously 3373d ago

Shadow broker was/is awesome. The scenery alone is worth it. I myself just yesterday started playing Mass Effect 2 for the second time(I played it through once when it first came out).

All so I can wait for a price drop or a "complete" addition. As I'm a little strapped for cash myself.

EmperorDalek3373d ago

ME2 didn't get a complete edition, so I wouldn't keep my hopes up.

Summons753373d ago

>.> the fact it has day one dlc is a little sad, dammit bioware go back to the greatness you had when you made baulder's gate, kotor and those

MasterD9193373d ago

Anyone who has the CE already has this so no worries.

LOGICWINS3373d ago

Errr...what about all the upcoming DLC that will be available for ME3 in the coming months? You CE owners have a voucher for that too?

MasterD9193372d ago

I can afford to buy any DLC I want...a few hundred points for a couple of DLC packs won't piss me off. I didn't buy all the DLC packs for ME2 anyways and I never bought any for ME1. So what is the big deal?

The CE stops me from buying all that inital DLC so yeah it's worth it. I like ME and have no problem buying DLC that I would be interested in.

People will continue to drag out every little issue they have with this game until it comes out.

antz11043372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

Great, so anyone that bought the standard version is bent over a barrel having to pay the $10 dlc if you want the complete squad, and dont have the option to buy the CE version because it sold out.

The extra squad member was originally in the CE, then dropped. A lot of gamers cancelled their CE when that happened, and then it was added again. But this wasn't until after the CE completely sold out. Oh, and they cant make more because there was a limited # of hardcover books.

Thanks for officially selling out EA, and gouging the masses that buy the regular edition for $70 a copy if you want all the shady.

Aaaand....end rant :-D

eak33373d ago

There is no mystery as to the day one DLC. They intentionally cut out part of the original game and then sucker people into thinking its extra content. THey did the exact same thing with Dragon Age II. Why are people dense and can't figure out this scam.