How The Vita Can Avoid The PSP's Fate In The US

There's a lot hinging on the Vita's success. We gamers may have short memories, but most of us will recall that Sony's initial foray into the handheld space—the PSP—was the first system in more than a decade to challenge Nintendo's absolute portable dominance.

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Knight_Cid2527d ago

"the last big release besides Lego Harry Potter was The 3rd Birthday in 2010

I cant take that seriously.

Especially since trails in the sky was after both in the US. Tactics ogre psp, ff 4 complete, dissidia 2,

And in japan forget about it. The new support is weekly

morganfell2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

Agreed. That's why when I saw this:

How The Vita Can Avoid The PSP's Fate In The US

The first thing that crossed my mind was:

Avoid advice from ill-informed writer.

@Reservoir below:

Really? Not one person in one hundred that I know pirated a psp game. Here is where poeple often say, "well I did" just to prove they are in the know.

The far far majority of PSP owners were gamers who bought what they played. Quite often this piracy crap is given too much credit with unreal high numbers. Not only are those number inflated grossly but they also concern a group of people of whom which most would not have bought a game if it could not be pirated so there is no sales loss that is of consequence.

LX-General-Kaos2527d ago

The PSPs fate was not a bad one.

Knight_Cid2526d ago


the psp sold more units in the US and Europe. Way more than japan

ReservoirDog3162526d ago

The software didn't sell well in the US though. A lot of people bought one then pirated the games. There's exceptions I'm sure but that's why they didn't even wanna bring Valkyria Chronicles 3 over here. No one bought 2.

It's the only handheld that was even a worthy second place but we can't lie and ignore that it had room to improve.

Skateboard2526d ago

Dat launch !!!!! Vita is going to be fine and sell more then the PSP, call it a hunch of mine : )

Mikhail2526d ago

The problem with the PSP was more on software (original not pirated) wherein at a business POV was quite a problem.(except in Japan) It is a success hardware wise especially that this is the first thing to survive against Ninty. (we all know Nintendo is king in handheld.)

Knight_Cid2526d ago

800 game library is a problem?

it had more exclusives than all the consoles combined

Mikhail2526d ago

I am talking about the developers of software. The piracy problem was higher compared to the consoles.

2526d ago
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