Official Xbox Magazine UK- Syndicate Review

OXM UK: "Syndicate feels like a deeply average game in a cunning, expensive disguise. Stare at the screenshots and you'll wonder how something that looks so slick can be as disappointing as it is. The combat is passable but doesn't evolve anywhere like as much as it should, even though the tutorial elements cling on for grim death until half way through the running time.

Like we said, it's unfair to slate Syndicate for being a shooter rather than an action RPG, and if it were a better shooter, we'd give it due credit. But arriving on the heels of a game that offers not only shooting, but conjures a similarly beautiful sci-fi world, a compelling story and the chance to be immersed in both, Starbreeze's effort pales in comparison."

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chriski3333364d ago

Hmmm well I still got it gonna play it 2nite