Sony explains why you can't transfer UMDs to your Vita

Eurogamer- As reported earlier this month, a program in Japan that lets users download digital versions of their PSP UMD games to the Vita won't be offered in the US or Europe.

Why? According to Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida there just isn't sufficient demand to make it worthwhile for the platform holder.

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TheFirstClassic3361d ago

*sigh* oh well. Hope they decrease some of the prices on the store then. Monster hunter freedom unite is still 20, I'll be waiting for that to go down before I get it for my Vita.

Snookies123361d ago

Yeah, and Dissidia 012 is like 30 I think? Man, I preordered that game and got it day one, now that I no longer have a PSP I can't even play it. :(

darthv723361d ago

I'm a consumer who has vested plenty into UMD's and digital copies. That should account for something.

I think sony is obviously looking at the program and how there would be more attempts to take advantage of it in other regions than them controlling it in one.

I was really hoping sony would reconsider this time. They talked about the same thing when the GO was first discussed and then that rug got pulled from under us.

I wouldnt mind it so much this time but with my existing digital copies not even supported has me curious. I have 4 digital games that arent supported on the vita. 2 of them are pretty obvious considering there will be vita specific versions available (stardust and mod nation racers). One I can understand because it is so obscure (dante inferno) but the other one has me shaking my head (killzone liberation).

in time I hope killzone (and dante) will be made playable on the vita but I wont hold my breath. I will buy into new games specific to the vita and just continue to break out my other PSP's to play my other games.

Rainstorm813361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

Killzone Liberation works on the vita fine i have it on mine , Im POed about Crisis Core

darthv723361d ago

i'll take your word for it. I check the official list first then checked the store through the vita and didnt see it listed either way. i took that as a sign that it wasnt supported.

MNR I know wont work because there was another user who had that game and tried to put it on the vita and it wouldnt work. Makes sense if they have a vita version. I also have LBP and I know there will be an LBP vita. If it is LBP2 then maybe there is hope the original works????

I'll try them all out and see. I know some of the minis i have are on the list.

josephayal3361d ago

I don't care! Viva la vita!

brodychet3361d ago

Lucky for me, I never had a PSP, so I'm all set!

I still feel really bad about former PSP owners though. But it appears Sony has just moved on from the UMDs.

I suppose you guysshould just trade those UMDs in and count your losses :(

ChrisW3361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

Vive la France?

belac093361d ago

im not getting a vita now, sony is a bunch of crooks.

gamingisnotacrime3361d ago

U will miss out
The vita the a true gaming platform

Snookies123361d ago

While I admit it's kind of a slap in the face for them to release that in Japan, yet not anywhere else... You really should reconsider getting a Vita. It's a fantastic piece of hardware and really deserves praise. Plus the games coming out for it look fantastic. ^^

Highlife3361d ago

Keep your psp then and play your old games on that. I am moving forward. I had the original 60 gig ps3 and can say that i used it maybe twice to play old games. Still have a ps2 to play old games anyway.

MGRogue20173361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

no.. I don't want to hear it.. excuses, excuse.. Just shut up & bring the UMD Transfer Program to EU & US.

gamingdroid3361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

What Sony is really saying is, there isn't enough profit in the US since the margin is too low, so Sony are too "lazy" or bothered to initiate the program.

I expected some legal reasoning... not profit as the reason to stop this program. What happened to good will towards early adopters?

Ulf3361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

There is a UMD transfer program...

Here in the US, we call it "eBay". You get money for your UMDs, and then you pay the money to buy the games on PSN if you want to rebuy them.

I have sold over half my PSP UMD games, over the past year, for the same or MORE than the PSN store value, and done exactly what I said above. The unsold ones I merely haven't finished yet -- I'll be they'll fetch the PSN price when I do sell them, though.

eBay isn't like trading at GameStop... you get actual serious money by auctioning games to people who... *drum roll* want UMDs. Last I checked, there are some 75 MILLION of these UMD-playing devices in the wild. It's *easy* to sell UMDs on eBay.

Why don't people whine about the GBA transfer program for the DSi, DSi XL, and 3DS? Oh yeah... there isn't one. You need to eBay GBA games, and repurchase them on the Nintendo store if you want them on a modern DS. You DO have that option.

Series_IIa3361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

GBA is how much older than the PSP?

/D\ Stick this dunce hat on and sit in the corner facing the wall...

Ulf3361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

Not much (~3 years), and there are WAY more GBA games than PSP UMDs, bud -- Nintendo can't even pretend to have the same excuse for not providing a program.

How much older is the DSi than the Vita, again? Oh yeah... 3 years. Looks like the hardware compatibility was dropped after the *exact same period*.

Enjoy your hat.

gamingdroid3361d ago


What are you talking about?

GBA support was dropped with DSi, which was first sold in 2009. In between that, GBA got support via DS and DS Lite. That's at least one handheld generation.

The PS Vita killed UMD right out of the gate, which is fine, but here Sony is essentially admitting they didn't want to bother with the program, because there wasn't enough "supposed" demand i.e. profit.

Hicken3361d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

Is the PSP no longer being made? No, I'm pretty sure it's still in production. JUST LIKE THE DSLite WAS WHEN THE DSi CAME OUT. When Sony stops making PSPs, THEN you can complain about the lack of UMD support.

Edit: It's not relevant now because there's nothing to complain about. They're still supporting the UMD, so exactly how can you complain about them NOT doing just that?

And who are you to give them a free pass? How heavy do you think the weight of your opinion is to Sony?

GBA support didn't pass "one generation," as you put it. They were all simply upgrades or improvements upon the DS. There was no new gaming format from DS to DSLite to DSi to DSiXL; despite what the average consumer thinks, they ALL play DS games. They simply changed the feature set.

The Vita has its own format; including UMD in the design would be more costly, more energy-consuming, and take away from the overall package that IS the Vita.

Hell, what is this deal about backward compatibility? It's only like a 3 generation old concept, anyway. Does it suck that there's no passport system for people out here who'd like to play the PSP games they own already? Yeah, it does, and I think Sony should definitely revisit their stance on the subject in the future.

But do I think the Vita should have UMD support? Hell no.

Thanks for playing, though.

gamingdroid3361d ago


***When Sony stops making PSPs, THEN you can complain about the lack of UMD support.***


How about I complain about it now when it is actually relevant?

I already gave Sony a free pass for dropping UMD, the least they could do is support their loyal customers with an "expensive" conversion program instead of claiming there isn't enough demand which really translates to not enough profit...


Yes, but by the time the DSi came out, GBA support had already passed one generation.

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