Metro- Asura's Wrath Review: Anger Management

Metro- "If you're not familiar with the game perhaps the best way to describe it is as a cross between Bayonetta and Heavy Rain. An unholy mixture (we hate Heavy Rain but love Bayonetta) but the only other way to describe the game, and the one developer CyberConnect2 seem to prefer, is as an interactive anime. (To the point where the game is split up into individually credited episodes, each with their own midpoint ad break bumpers.)

Each of these episodes takes around 20 minutes or so to run through and is usually split fairly evenly between cut scenes and gameplay. Normally we'd be foursquare against such a thing but the cut scenes are directed with such insane enthusiasm we enjoyed every one of them. We're not great fans of anime but the cinematography and pacing are as good anything we've ever seen in a video game."

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