GameInformer: Asura's Wrath Review

GameInformer- Asura’s Wrath isn’t as brainless as it may want you to believe. The ridiculous moments and likable characters kept me smiling, which was odd, considering it’s essentially a story about misery. It’s a nice change of pace from other hack-and-slash games, featuring an interesting story that’s not blocked off by insurmountable difficulty.

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Skateboard3361d ago

If a game isn't difficult then what is the thing that is going to make you come back to this game ? What bothers me about this score is that it's too high for a game you're probably going to play once.

Games that give you more replay value and gives you a challenge should be given a score like this or higher.

Simon_Brezhnev3361d ago

Most people play single player games once. Unless its a RPG. Im getting this game just not for 59.99

Skateboard3361d ago

That isn't true. Justifying it and saying "all single player games are like that" isn't true. I can name you over a dozen single player games that you don't play once cause of the incentive of it's difficulty making you come back for more and overall replay value.

People call MGS 4 a "movie", but they fail to realize that there are sooooooooooooooo many ways when it comes to approaching the playable parts of that game and Asura's Wrath has none of that.

Simon_Brezhnev3361d ago

I'm not saying all single player games are like that i just said most people only play single player games once. Hell i cant even watch the same movie twice no matter how good it is. To be honest i play games now for entertainment and enjoyment now. Difficulty doesn't always make it better and no im not talking about Dark/Demon Souls.

I wish they did some survey on trophies/achievements to see how many people beat a game more than once.

Skateboard3361d ago

Don't you think your generalizing a bit much, how do you know most people play a game once and that's it ? In my opinion if you only played a single player game once it was probably bad or didn't have replay value or something else happened like you had to play another game he/she bought.

"I wish they did some survey on trophies/achievements to see how many people beat a game more than once"

That would be cool.

camel_toad3361d ago

What bothers me is the shorter and shorter games trend. 4-6hr single player campaigns are becoming too common now and reviewers give them a free pass on that because they get the game for free, meaning they dont have to pay $65 bucks for a very short game, unlike the actual consumers who are getting less and less bang for their buck. Robbery I tell you! Robbery!

Reborn3361d ago

Said it before; I'll get this when it's cheaper. Just dont have money to be spending aimlessly.