New Challenger: Portable You Say?

With the release of the PlayStation Vita, Default Prime writer Chris Stewart looks at portable gaming and how our perceptions have changed over time. Is there still a place for dedicated gaming devices?

"With the arrival of Nintendo’s Circle Pad Pro and the imminent release of the PlayStation Vita, I have been thinking about how portable these things actually are. Gone are the days when you could fold over your Game Boy Advance SP and slide it into your pocket, something that you certainly won’t be doing with the comparatively enormous current generation consoles (although granted, the 3DS by itself is just about pocket-sized). Paradoxically, I have noticed that the most conveniently portable gaming devices are in fact mobile phones and other devices with gaming as a secondary function. Apple’s iPhone is an excellent way to play lots of games and is less than half the size of both the current generation handheld consoles. How has this happened? Shouldn’t portable gaming be most convenient on the dedicated devices?"

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