80GB PS3 confirmed for Europe at $500

Pocket-lint - by Amy-Mae Elliott, 21 December 2007:

In what Pocket-lint can only assume is a public relations blunder, the Sony-backed "HD World" newsletter, designed to promote the Blu-ray format, has revealed a new model of PS3 for Europe.

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resistance1004730d ago

Well at 500$ thats about £250 quid which is £50 pounds less than the 40GB model. So if its true it being that price point, does that mean we will see the 40GB Ps3 cut to around the £200 mark :O

TANOD4730d ago

The 40 gig model might be slashed to 350 E and 270 pounds/250 pounds

anyways a good move by SONY

killer_trap4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

could you say that again!!!!! lol

green4730d ago

Actually expect 350pounds.It would have been great if it would be 250pds,but they never do a straight conversion for us.

solidt124730d ago

I have a 250 gig hardrive in my origianlly 20 gig PS3. Europe the 80 gig is the one to get. I filled my 20 gig haRd DRIVE up quick.

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kurochi4730d ago

WAVE is starting to hit everywhere..... PS3 is going to have a good year in 2008....

TANOD4730d ago

I have lot of friends in UK who are now holding off PS3 purchase since HMV and GAME have released statements that 80/160gig PS3 is coming on 1st February , 2008

despite that PS3 sells like crazy in UK. in fact it is the second best selling console. check HMV,AMAZON UK's charts for references.

But as for the rest of europe ....geez PS3 seems to be the only next gen console around. In Middle East PS3s are SOLD OUT in minutes after they reach stores.

so 2008 will be a fabulous year for PS3. It would dominate no doubt and with FF13 and MGS 4 it is hard to even have some doubts

dragunrising4730d ago

OMGz PS3!!! It does everything I could ever hope it could do...exceptz give me blow jobz cause I'm a loser.

You make all PS3 owners look bad. I am a proud PS3 owner and your comments are always rubbish.

faisdotal4730d ago

End of 2008 , Boo.

I want the 80gb when the wave of good games come out , and that's when UT3 and Haze come out!

TANOD4730d ago

HMV has been saying to its customers that a new 90/160gig PS3 would hit UK on 1st FEB, 2008

Meus Renaissance4730d ago

We got in touch with a Sony Europe spokesperson who stated: "The HD World newsletter is written by external sources, and the report quoted is from independent analysts. There is absolutely no 80GB version of the PS3 planned for Europe in 2008".

resistance1004730d ago

funny that. Just like there 'is no 40GB PS3 being planned' 4 weeks later sony release the 40GB to europe.

If sony say its not true, its more than likey true lol

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