History of a Hero: Sam Fisher

Today we’re going to focus on a mostly lone hero, not a part of a squadron of soldiers or the commander of an army, but instead, we look at the sneaky espionage master that is Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher.

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Starfox8113362d ago

This man is a badass with a beard. I'm kinda disappointed that Conviction didn't turn out like the concept gameplay first suggested. That would have been one amazing Splinter Cell to play.

ThichQuangDuck3362d ago

Either give us Jason Bourne awesome or just stick to classic Chaos Theory gameplay. Would love to see a crowd multiplayer to go along with spies vs mercs. Make splinter cell a complete package again. Have a solid single player with a mix of stealth and action,but mainly calculated stealth. a seperate co op campaign and a unique adversarial multiplayer.

Tastynoodle3362d ago

Conviction was fantastic in my eyes! I remember being amazed by the ability to peek under the doors. Played the demo, got up from my chair and bought the full price version 10 minutes later. Nothing has ever made me do that before!

Maybe I should say I never played the others...

Tastynoodle3362d ago

I've been meaning to pick them up during the Steam sales. I seem to miss them though.

ShadyDevil3362d ago

I actually liked the new Splinter Cell. Looking to see the future of the series and where they will go.