3G PlayStation Vitas Receive Text Messages

In a bit of strange news, 3G PlayStation Vitas can receive text messages. From the "System Information" section in the 3G Vita's Settings, a phone number is clearly visible. However, without the ability to dial out, IGN assumed the feature was just some kind of 3G orphan from AT&T -- calling the number is a dead end.

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remanutd553363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

thats the phone number thats assigned to your 3G sim card , if you have AT&T service you can use your own phone number if not you will be assigned one therefore you will receive text messages from the operator ( in my case AT&T )

CynicalVision3363d ago

Give us the ability to send text messages and I could all but throw my mobile phone away.

HeavenlySnipes3363d ago

I think you phrased that wrong

CynicalVision3363d ago

Really? But it sounds right when I say it back in my head. xD

GraveLord3363d ago

You can already do that. Vita has friends list and you can send and receive messages back and forth just like on PS3.

CynicalVision3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

No, this is completely different. Mobile texting is sending messages to anyone with the ability to receive them...i.e they have a mobile phone.

Think of it this way, being able to send a text message from your Vita to your friend who uses a standard phone via texts.

JoeReno3363d ago

Its pretty much all I use my phone for. I hate talking on the phone. If that were the case I would as happy as a pig in s#!+.

NeloAnjelo3362d ago

I'm not really a texter. But It would be great if we could send text messages. I pre-ordered the Wi-fi model. I think the 3G is a bit over priced.

resistance1003363d ago

You need it so you can get a conformation code to create a vodaphone account for it here in the UK.

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The story is too old to be commented.